BlizzCon 2021 Showcases Blizzard’s J. Allen Brack’s Ongoing Fixation with LGBTQ Virtue Signaling

Pony-tail coiffed Blizzard President J. Allen Brack is a warm, caring, cuddly, kind, decent, compassionate, virtuous person, and he wants everyone in the world to know it. You see, he never misses an opportunity to let the world know how much he loves lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, transgenders, and queers. He feels their pain. He’s down with the alphabet people.

And how can we blame him?

LGBTQ people are the singularly most oppressed people in history and we know this because they use their extraordinary wealth, their infiltration of mass media and entertainment, their massive political influence, and their lofty perch at the top of the victim totem pole to make sure we all get the message.

Brack Lives Matter

For years, J. Allen Brack — President of Blizzard and resident BlizzCon court jester — has been showing up at BlizzCon wearing PRIDE Blizzard pins. At the recent BlizzCon 2021, he wore a freshly pressed right out of the Amazon bag t-shirt with a PRIDE themed silk screened Blizzard logo. The only thing he hasn’t done is gotten a PRIDE tattoo on his face. Maybe next year he’ll outdo himself and become the first transgender president of a major video game studio.

Sadly, the Blizzard rainbow PRIDE t-shirt is not available to the general public at the Blizzard store. How elitist of them!

I wonder if Brack wears PRIDE regalia around the office, at home or on Zoom calls? Perhaps it’s just a woke uniform that he puts on whenever he sees a camera or a film crew? Bill Clinton had a prop bible he used to pull out whenever he was near a church and saw reporters.

Maybe he’s like Superman. Back at home, he’s just mild-mannered Clark Kent. When he’s saving the world as Superprideman, he’s got his rainbow PRIDE shirt on. Up, up. and away!

As a heterosexual man, I am wondering why Brack doesn’t outwardly show his support for people like me?

Guess what Mr. Brack? Heterosexual people play video games too.

What does Allen J. Brack have against straight people?

Why is Mr. Brack marginalizing heterosexuals?

Why isn’t he being inclusive toward us?

What events does J. Allen Brack have for straight people who believe in traditional sex roles at Blizzard?

But J. Allen Brack didn’t stop there. He made sure that the opening video at BlizzCon had some obligatory LGBTQ propaganda with a thankfully brief but fabulous speech from a proud gay man who finally found acceptance in World of Warcraft.

Brack can never do enough for LGBTQ people. He and Activision-Blizzard love pandering to the most fabulously oppressed people in history. Because nothing says you care more than wearing a LGBTQ PRIDE pin or a t-shirt. Concrete actions don’t really matter when you can easily virtue signal by wearing a lapel pin or a t-shirt made in a concentration camp in China.

Activision Blizzard routinely virtue signals on their LinkedIn account to show how woke they are and how much they love the 3% of the population that claim to be LGBTQ:

Equality is good business if you are in the equality business. Yep, I can’t disagree there. Create a false need for something and then you proceed to fill that need. Brilliant! Ponzi schemes, timeshares, lottery tickets and casinos are also good businesses too.

Never mind that Blizzard makes millions of dollars by doing business with the bloodthirsty communist Chinese regime who have concentration camps set up for their citizens for slave labor to create products for Americans. Nothing to see here folks. All that bad public relations is whitewashed. Why? Because Allen J. Brack cares and wears a $29.99 PRIDE t-shirt.

Professional busybodies like the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and their obedient allies in the media, all push the big lie that LGBTQ people are continually oppressed and discriminated against. They’ve learned from the fearmongers at the SPLC and the ADL who’ve turned victimhood in a billion dollar shakedown industry. They relentlessly lobby for special protection for the alphabet people from marauding bands of imaginary evil bigots — especially traditional Christians who are their moustache twirling villains of choice.

The Spice Must Flow!

Every organism has self-preservation as it’s underlying raison d’être. Organizations are no different. The gay lobby is alway looking for reasons to keep the funding dollars coming in. So they try to find more “oppressed” sexual minorities to include in their ever expanding preposterously absurd acronym. They need to find more “victims” on the fringes of society to emancipate to keep their sinister grift going.

For the past 5 years, it’s been transgenders and queers — whatever that means. Now it’s inter-sex, panssexual, and plus which can mean practically anything. How long before the proponents of sex with minors and beastiality become their latest cause?

The only people not allowed into their exclusive club are heterosexuals. Hence there is no “H” in their contorted acronym. Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

Activision-Blizzard spends hundreds of thousands if not millions on worthless diversity, inclusion, and representation virtue signaling. Not one penny of those expenditures is making their video games better. This is scarce money they could be giving to their employees who are underpaid, overworked, and have to face the exorbitant cost of living in Orange county.

The other big lie is that LGBT people have not been welcome in virtual worlds and that they face a litany of discrimination because they are gay. This is a massive lie. Nobody cares who you sleep with in World of Warcraft. Nobody cares unless you shoot your mouth off and make it an issue and subject players to lurid tales about your abnormal lifestyle in public chat channels.

Fantasy virtual worlds are not like Wal-Mart where you have a greeter to welcome you. You show up and you adapt to the new world — the new world doesn’t have to adapt to you. This isn’t a daycare center. Don’t like it? Piss off! Get it? Good.

You want to be taken seriously? Then stop with your pride extremism and give us all a break from your constant complaining.

If Blizzard Entertainment really cares about LGBT people they should make a special MMORPG for them. Blizzard should put their money where their mouth is and just do it. We’ve got gay clubs, gay vacations, gay bookstores, gay churches, and LGBTQ categories in Netflix and every other streaming servers, why don’t we have a LGBT virtual world especially for them? If it existed they could never complain about “discrimination” again with a straight face. They’d have their own safe space. HRC and GLAAD would approve.

I’m sure the miserly Bobby Kotick and the rapacious Activision-Blizzard investors would be very excited at the prospect of Blizzard spending $50 million to develop a gay-themed MMORPG.

At the very least, Blizzard should have special WoW servers for LGBT people. They already have special lounges for alphabet people at BlizzCons, why not special servers? Heck, they could even call the server Stonewall.

And by the way, if you don’t agree with me, you’re homophobic!

Calling Steve “Mr Lore” Danuser

Let’s not stop there. Let’s have LGBTQ villians as well in WoW. We could have an island with a tribe of plump man-hating feminist lesbians run by their uber boss Ka`ren. This could even be a feature of the new WoW expansion!

Steve are you listening? This is your chance to shine and climb that corporate ladder and dazzle us with mad narrative skillz that Shakespeare and Tolkien would be proud of. World of Warcraft: Revenge of the Demon Dykes.

I know just the person who could do the voice over:


Another BlizzCon has come and gone and in predictable fashion, J. Allen Brack’s PRIDE rainbow colored Blizzard logo gets bigger with each passing year. I have a suggestion for an outfit he can proudly wear for BlizzCon 2022:

If you going to behave like a court jester, you may as well dress like one.

P.S. At various points in the video, Brack’s Blizzard PRIDE logo is almost fully exposed on his shirt. At other times the shirt almost covers it. It’s pretty clear that Brack recorded this segment at different times. It’s sad, that they could not even do it live like previous BlizzCons.

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