Donald Trump and the Triumph of the Common Man

This week Donald J. Trump defied the odds and was elected President of the United States of America. Americans from all walks of life rose up and said “enough” and elected Trump as their champion. It was a victory that sent shock waves all around the world. It was a triumph for the common man who rebelled against the elites who have become the de facto ruling aristocracy here in America.

From the beginning of the campaign, Donald Trump distinguished himself from his fellow Republican candiates with a tonic of straight talk free of the shackles of political correctness that seeks to silence and control. Truth telling politicians are so rare that by virtue of telling the truth Trump stood out like a comet on a starry night. Trump dared to tell the truth and those that voted for him loved him for it.

Trump’s brash demeanor and straight talk immediately resonated with a public weary and beaten down by 8 years of Obama’s progressive ideology.

You know what? Americans are tired of losing. Americans are tired of political correctness. Americans are tired of being told what to think and what to say. Americans are fed up with being relentlessly and viciously labelled and mocked. Trump’s unapologetic, candid and outspoken style struck a chord with average Americans.

The voiceless found a voice that spoke for them.

Trump did not need to run for president. He didn’t need the money and he didn’t need the fame. He essentially self-financed his campaign. He is not beholden to special interests or wealthy donors who act as puppet masters for every politician in the swamp of corruption and graft that is D.C.

From an early age Donald Trump was taught by his father the value of hard work and to respect workers. Even though Trump is a billionaire he possess an uncanny ability to relate to the common man and champion their values. He has often remarked that he saw an America that was slipping away and he could not longer stand idly by and ignore it. I believe that Donald Trump viewed running for president as a sacred duty to save the America that had been good to him and his family.

President Trump

From the outset of this two year journey Trump was an outsider. Every powerful force on the planet was aligned against him: the corrupt mainstream media, both the Republican and Democratic party establishment, the Clinton machine, the social justice industry, the Marxist intelligentsia who control academia, the leftist tech companies, the sanctimonious Hollywood celebrities, the depraved entertainment industry, the soulless financial industry and globalist elites. At every step, he was viciously mocked and ridiculed — yet he continued to fight for the common man with a policy platform that was basically just good old fashioned God given common sense.

Trump is not a perfect man. In America, we elect presidents, not saints. His personal imperfections are minuscule in contrast to those of his opponent Hillary Clinton — a self serving, congenital liar who peddled influence to the highest bidder before, during and after her tenure as Secretary of State via her international criminal enterprise disguised as a charitable foundation.

You may not like some things about Donald Trump but as visionary tech mogul Peter Thiel remarked, Trump gets the big things right.

I realize that many people will be horrified by the thought of Donald Trump as president. Please, calm down. If you have been watching the mainstream media complex in North America and in Europe you have been getting a daily diet of biased, anti-Trump reporting and I can understand why you might feel fearful. The mainstream media are leftist and they are corrupt. Since the days of Nixon they have been sworn enemies of any Republican. These self-appointed arbiters of what’s fit to print will never give a Republican a fair shot.

However, that is no excuse to wallow in ignorance and hysteria. You are an adult and a citizen. It is your civic duty to get the facts and find news outlets — yes there are still some out there — that report the news without left wing bias.

We live in an age where common sense has been abandoned by the elites and our leaders. The fundamentals of good governance such as keeping our country safe, securing our borders, promoting law and order, encouraging prosperity, living within our means have been foolishly cast aside by the so-called enlightened in our society. These very same values were Democratic values in the era of President Kennedy.

Today our leaders and the elites care more about virtue signaling by promoting their support of identity politics, transgender washrooms and climate catastrophism than they care about the plight of average men and women who have no advocacy group to lobby on their behalf. That failure to address the concerns of the comman man got Donald Trump elected the 45th president of the United States.

The elites forgot about the suffering of 96 million Americans that are no longer in the labor force. They forgot about the pain imposed on working families by skyrocketing government imposed health care premiums. They forgot about the millions American workers displaced by foreign workers. The forgot about the millions of unborn Americans murdered in the womb and deprived of the right to live. Donald Trump did not forget.

I write articles about the video game industry and a similar plague has befallen gamers. The elites in the industry, the leftist journalists, the studio executives and even some high-profile YouTube personalities exhibit the same sense of moral superiority, self-importance and religious zeal as they shove their social justice ideology (cultural Marxism) down the throats of all around them. They look down on gamers and have only contempt and derision for anyone that doesn’t think like them. They willfully ignored the common gamer and mercilessly promoted radical progressive values and attacked the very gamers that they are supposed to represent. Gamers fought back and won against these bullies. It was called Gamergate.

In truth, Donald Trump is something entirely different. He is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Donald Trump is not hamstrung by the litmus tests of rigid ideology. He is an American first and foremost who believes in the United States Constitution and most importantly the potential and decency of the American people.

I have studied Donald Trump closely in the past 16 months. Donald Trump believes in America. He believes that American politicians should put the needs of America first over the needs of the world. Under a Trump administration, America will be strong and bold but will not indulge in endless foreign wars that waste trillions of precious taxpayers dollars to import democracy to ungrateful tribal peoples incapable of appreciating it. Instead Trump will begin a process of renewal for America that will echo the same renewal that he has proven he can do with the Manhattan skyline and that Mike Pence did in Indiana.

The elites and the useful idiots that do their bidding, will do all they can to destroy Trump and sabotage his presidency. This time, their predictable malevolent Alinsky tactics will not work. Trump is light years smarter than George W. Bush and Trump will outsmart them every step of the way. When they attack Trump, they are really attacking the American people who voted for him. He is just a messenger for the millions of average, hard-working men and women who were abandoned, forgotten and discarded by both political parties.

The era of elites imposing their will on the common people is over.

America will once again become a beacon for freedom, human rights and innovation girded by strong borders, one language, one culture and one God. People around the world are rising up and rejecting the false promises of humanism, globalism and internationalism. We are starting to see victories in both political and cultural areas as people are throwing off the shackles of group think, political correctness and embracing autonomy, freedom and common sense.

The genius of the founding fathers who gave us American democracy is twofold: it relies on the collective wisdom of the people and it is corrective in nature. We get the government we deserve. When our representatives fail us, we can vote them out.

After 8 dark years of bloated government, socialist decadence and unrestrained overreach by an imperious, petulant, slacker president who divided the country and doubled the national debt, Americans can once again breathe again and commence the noble work of rebuilding our country. Americans are a resilient people.

In just a few months, we will have an ambitious, roll up the sleeves, hands on, serious president that actually believes in America and won’t be wasting away his days at the golf course like the current occupant of the White House. Hold on to your hats because the Trump era will bring more optimism, opportunity, prosperity, freedom and a higher quality of life for Americans and stability to the world.

In the end, it was the common man that rose to the challenge during a time of great need and came out to save this nation at the ballot box. The American people have spoken. The elites had their chance and they failed miserably. Now it’s our turn.


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