Exposing Breitbart.com’s Free Speech Hypocrisy

Recently I was banned from posting on the official Breitbart.com forums. I was given no warning. I was given no reason. I was offered no chance to appeal my banning. I am not alone, others have been banned as well.

It seems I was banned by an over zealous Breitbart.com moderator — a nameless, faceless and cowardly individual.

Banned by Breitbart News Organization

I reached out to Breitbart.com senior editors Alex Marlowe and Joel Pollack and received no reply.

Andrew Breitbart was a fearless cultural warrior. When he created his Breitbart.com website I found a sense of refuge there. In a sea of progressive groupthink, I found it to be a lone beacon of conservative and libertarian thought on the internet. Not only was a loyal reader of the site, but I was also an avid poster and debater on the site. Many of my threads received high ratings.

At all times, I conducted myself like a gentleman. I would never resort to insults or personal attacks. Suddenly years of my contributions as a poster were wiped away by the actions of one moderator.

Since the beginning of the Internet and even before, discussion forums have been subject to the whims of small-minded tin-pot tyrants posing as moderators. As a regular contributor to many MMORPG forums, I have seen the heavy hand of moderators at work. As anyone who frequents the official World of Warcraft forums and the official EverQuest forums knows, posts are routinely locked and outright deleted for no good reason.

For years I have supported Breitbart.com and provided a link to their site on this site. Breitbart.com has done stellar work in reporting on the radical progressives have been destroying our culture. It was them that found the courage to publish many of the original articles exposing how social justice warriors, the video game press and others conspired to attack gamers during the GamerGate controversy.

The tragic thing about Breitbart is that they go to great pains to expose the anti-free speech agenda of big tech companies such as Google, Apple, Twitter, PayPal and others. Yet they are engaging in the exact same type of despotic behavior that they accuse others of doing.

Part of the problem here is the gatekeeper syndrome at work. In conservative circles, there are various organizations and individuals that claim to speak for everyone. They believe their viewpoints are the purest and they attempt to marginalize anyone that hold viewpoints that differ from theirs. Some notable examples of conservative gatekeepers are Matt Schlapp who runs CPAC, Ben Shapiro, and Bill O’Reilly to name a few.

The moral of the story is that tyranny, censorship and injustice are not relegated to just one political ideology.

I’m going to keep this article open for comments. If anyone else has been unjustly banned by Breitbart.com, I invite you to post here and share your story.


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