Dear Video Game Industry: After Wokeness Dies, We Won’t Forget What You Did

Inevitably, a day will come when the pandemic of wokeness is dead and buried in the trash heap of history. Wokeness is a dangerous, parasitic, unsustainable, self-indulgent, ideological luxury that video game studios will not be able to keep subsidizing. Ultimately, wokeness leads to brokeness. Gamers will eventually reach a tipping point when they are finally fed up with having propaganda shoved down their throats.

To all the neo-Marxist, pronoun loving, lemming-like game developers that willingly embraced wokeness and jumped on the bandwagon, your day of reckoning is coming.

We will not forget what you did.

We will not forget that you hijacked a vibrant and emergent synergy of art & entertainment and turned it into shameless political propaganda.

We will not forget that instead of making great games based on time-tested principles, you instead opted to put neo-Marxist principles like diversity, inclusion, equity, and representation above all else.

We will not forget that instead of respecting and honoring the leisure time of your players, you instead subjected them to your subversive political agenda.

We will not forget that you did business with the tyrannical communist Chinese regime who have millions of people in concentration camps, harvest organs from prisoners, and persecute religious minorities.

We will not forget that despite being video game developers, deep down in your black hearts, for some inexplicable reason, you despise gamers, the very people that pay your salaries.

We will not forget when you colluded and conspired with corrupt game journalists and and declared the preposterous notion that “gamers are dead”.

We won’t forget when you sided with unqualified radical feminist devs and attacked your fellow qualified white male devs both covertly and overtly.

We will not forget all of the times self-righteous games devs virtue signaled about the thing of the day, #resist, #metoo, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, COVID, and now Ukraine on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

We will not forget all the demonic LGBTQ propaganda that you and your fellow cultural terrorists gratuitously shoehorned in our video games.

We will not forget the incalculable opportunity cost that your woke nonsense incurred, and the great video game franchises and game studios that were destroyed because of it.

We will not forget, while your own employees were underpaid and overworked, you foolishly gave millions of dollars to LGBTQ gaymer grifters for conferences, Pride parades, and Inclusion Nexus safe spaces for virtue signaling purposes.

We will not forget the craven game developers that knew wokeness was wrong but went along with it to protect their careers.

We will not forget the veteran game designers, slimy journalists, the bloggers, the influencers, the streamers, and the e-celebs that knew better, but did nothing to stop this and by their silence enabled this pernicious ideology to stifle authentic innovation and creativity.

We will not forget the reckless beta male CEOs that opened up their studios to the scourge of wokeness by instituting diversity hiring policies and hiring diversity commissars.

We will not forget all the existing talented straight white male game devs that you drove out of the industry with your petulant, nihilistic rage.

We will not forget all the potential talented straight white male developers that were never hired and the great games they could have made all because studios had to hire unqualified BIPOCs just to meet self-imposed diversity quotas.

We will not forget that in your self-righteous, slacktivist zeal, somehow you either forgot or didn’t care that the only purpose of video games is to entertain and not to propagandize.

We will not forget what you traitors did and you will be held accountable.

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