Carl Benjamin’s Chilling Prediction for the World

Many of you are probably familiar with Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon of Akkad. He’s an English classical liberal who rose to popularity during the Gamergate affair. Carl defended the principles that the Gamergate movement espoused — honest video game journalism, and consumer rights. He’s always been a fierce pro-West cultural warrior who has fought valiantly against the Marxist social justice warriors.

The more truth you tell, the more the left hates you. Disgraced feminist charlatan Anita Sarkeesian once called him a “garbage human being” during a YouTube panel she attended. Thankfully, Sarkeesian’s grifting days are over, while Benjamin is rising to well-deserved international prominence.

The world seems like it’s spinning out of control. The average voter has no power it seems. No matter what we do, the elites, the globalists, the corporations, and the Deep State ignore the people and do as they please. Combine this with a Weimar-like decline and you have a recipe for disaster. This cannot continue indefinitely.

Nothing short of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ or a strongman can fix this.

I’d like to mirror his Twitter essay here for posterity.


Why I Think We Are Fucked by Carl Benjamin

The West is experiencing an ongoing collapse of moral legitimacy. It has been for many years. Many of our elites use support for Israel as a proxy for an unambiguous moral good: preventing another Holocaust. This is why our elites are generally leaping to near-genocidal support of Israel over Palestine.

However, support for Israel is actually not that unambiguous due to the power it exerts over Palestine, and this greatly complicates the moral equation. This would normally preclude full-throated support for any cause, but in the special case of Israel, our elites are completely captured and, in a sense, view themselves (at least project the attitude) of fighting the new Nazis and preventing another genocide.

This full-throated support in favour of an ambiguous cause naturally creates a (large) constituency who recognise the inherent unfairness in only one side being properly represented in political discussion, especially when it appears that the people this constituency views itself as defending is facing an impending bloodbath.

I would guess that this is radicalizing the Islamic world, and shows us to be, in their view, morally backwards and worthy of fighting; more worthy, in fact, of fighting one another. The main problem this presents to the current Western (American) world order is that it is predicated on consent. The West claims to desire a peaceful and stable world in which “human rights” are protected and nations may prosper as long as they respect certain rules. The implication that underpins the legitimacy of said rules is that they are fair and any party should be able to find adequate redress given any wrongs done to them.

When it is demonstrated that the rule of human rights is actually a fiction that is used to keep the rest of the world quiet, then this system comes to an end.

The erosion of this system has, of course, been happening for many years now. Various pretexts have been used many times to justify a breach of the doctrine of human rights, and this has been grudgingly accepted because the benefits of the Western world order have outweighed the damage done by these exercises of power disguised as moral crusades.

However, we have arrived at a position where, in fact, the United States has been economically attacking other states, after deliberately and systematically attempting to erode their standing in the world, based on our own perceived moral superiority. This has created a massive upset in the global economic order and forced the disparate opponents of the West into an economic coalition with one another, whilst massively weakening America’s allies.

The short-sightedness of this can surely not be overstated, as the plan to judo-flip the various economies of the opposition to bring them to their knees simply hasn’t worked; it has been decades for some of these regimes and they still persist, and have been laying the groundwork for a parallel world economy.

Needless to say, as the world’s economic hegemon, the United States can’t allow this to happen. However, it seems that it is happening and it probably cannot be stopped at this point. I think this is really why the political class is gripped with war fervour over a tiny terrorist-run strip of land. It isn’t that there is an existential threat to Israel from Gaza, it is that we are looking at the potential to set off a chain of events that shows the West to not have the moral legitimacy it claims to have, which will unravel its own political alliances and put all its enemies into a righteous coalition against us, whilst destroying the global economic system and throw everything into chaos. The West will need to fight or the Western elites will lose everything.

At this point, I think a world war is inevitable.

The West’s lack of moral legitimacy is seen in its own countries; a very large percentage of the population of almost all of them has severe doubts about the legitimacy of the governments and institutions of those countries because the fifth columns that have been allowed to proliferate within our societies have done their work of making said governments and institutions unreliable, immoral, and degraded. The point of the left has been to weaken us from within by sowing moral discord, and they have done a very good job. They have, in fact, undermined our very claims to nationhood, family, and imperium. We do not view ourselves as the legitimate rulers of anything, and the major institutions of every country spend a large amount of their time attacking the majority population groups of that country.

It is well-known that Western militaries have serious trouble recruiting, and that we are struggling economically. To say we are being poorly governed is an understatement and a half and everyone knows it. There is simply no passion to fight for a civilisation that appears to be in collapse, appears to hate itself, and appears to be vindictive to other states on the world stage. Say what you like about Trump, but he actually seemed to be able to respect the nations ranged against the US. This goes a long way. Now, that time appears to have passed. It seems that, in their desperate bid for moral legitimacy, the dominant faction of Western elites are at once going to drive us into a war, whilst the subversive faction of elites are going to stoke the fires of civil war in our own countries while we do it.

Personally, I think we’re in a position of profound weakness. It isn’t that our enemies are strong, it is that we are vulnerable and we don’t really know what we stand for or why we should do what we do. So we will use Israel as a proxy for the expansion of our power and this will become an intolerable nightmare for our opponents, and they will probably decide that the best opportunity they will get to escape Western dominance has arrived. It is going to be painful, bloody, and ruinous, but if ever it could be done, now seems like the time.

I do hope I am wrong.

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