Darkpaw Games Fails to Honor Black History Month in EverQuest’s Norrath

In an act of shocking indifference and betrayal to all black gamers, Darkpaw Games a subsidiary of Daybreak Games failed to honor Black History Month within their long-running MMORPGs EverQuest and EverQuest 2.

Erudites are the only black race in Norrath and have made a substantive contribution to the world of Norrath and should be recognized for it. Needless to say, many players who choose to play Erudites have faced in-game racism and discrimination from other players because of the color of their skin. Some kind of reparations should be forthcoming from the studio to aid these players as they fight for racial justice in Norrath.

In June of 2019, executive producer Holly Longdale announced that all EQ and EQ2 players could log in and choose one of three free “PRIDE” bunny vanity pets in support of PRIDE month which honors LGBTQ people who play their MMOs.

These PRIDE vanity pets were very detailed and theses assets required a considerable amount of developer time to create. This is quite understandable given that there are no existing bugs to fix or assets that could use a graphical update in both EQ and EQ2.

Given Daybreak’s past precedence pandering to the LGBTQ agenda, this shameful and bigoted oversight is unacceptable in this woke age.

Every month and every day in America has been co-opted by one particular group, cause or special interest. Let’s hope that Daybreak will learn an important lesson about tolerance, inclusion, and diversity make the effort to honor everyone and everything in the coming months. MMOs should not be places of refuge where gamers can escape the suffocating yoke of identity politics. Instead, players should be inundated with relentless propaganda to ensure they learn that social justice doesn’t end when you play a video game.

/sarcasm off

Or, they could just stop focusing on real-world virtual signaling within their games and focus on making their games great and save everyone a lot of trouble.

Choose wisely Daybreak.