How to Refute Wokeness and Critical Race Theory with Neo-Marxist Critic James Lindsay

Wokeness is the most dangerous ideology the world has ever seen. No religion has ever spread this fast in human history. It is simply neo-Marxism covered with the euphemistic mantle of “social justice”. The demonic cult of wokeness is spreading like a plague through every single American institution.

Mandatory diversity and inclusion training and anti-white, anti-male hiring initiatives in corporate America are endemic. Critical race theory is being taught in schools. Wokeness has completely taken over most departments in higher education. Diversity and inclusion officer positions are one of the fastest growing careers in America. White faces are being replaced with black faces in most advertising campaigns. The LGBTQ movement is grooming our children. The entertainment industry has also been taken over by wokeness. Free speech is under relentless attack because the wokeness cult can not tolerate criticism.

If wokeness in all it’s manifestations is not stopped dead in its tracks, America will be utterly destroyed from within and with it Western civilization and the final prize: Christendom.

One brave intellectual named James Lindsay famous for his part in the grievance studios hoax and who recently published Race Marxism, has thoroughly researched the origins of neo-Marxism and all of its slimy tentacles.

Sun Tzu in The Art of War gave this sage advice: know thy enemy. The only way good people can defeat the purposely complex, linguistic puzzle of wokeness is to truly know the enemy and understand what he believes. James knows everything about the cunning wiles of Marxism and the evil men that inspired it and the manipulative activists that have used it to spread their poisonous snake oil.

The following videos are a crash course in understanding and refuting Critical Race Theory. If you are serious about defending yourself and your loved ones against the seductive sophistry of neo-Marxism and all of it’s incarnations, you need to watch all of these videos by James Lindsay.

Decoding + Refuting Social Justice Terminology Cheat Sheet

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