Baldur’s Gate 3 Creator Larian Studios Virtue Signals Obscure Gayming Awards Nomination

In the wake of the AIDS tragedy in the 1980s, gays turned into a political force to be reckoned with. On one hand, you had militant groups like Act UP and Queer Nation. On the other hand, you had a group of intellectuals taking a subtle and long-term approach to incremental change via indoctrination. The best example is Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen who unleashed a Machiavellian blueprint for the normalization of homosexuality in Western civilization. Their book After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ’90s was a masterful psychological program on par with sinister organizations like the KGB and the CIA.

Within a few years, the American public became increasingly desensitized to homosexuality and gays/lesbians started appearing in TV shows and films. After Bill Clinton became president of the U.S.A. in 1992, gays and lesbians got their own inaugural ball in Washington, D.C. The Democrat establishment embraced the alphabet agenda and eventually same-sex marriage became the law of the land despite DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) and many state referendums where the American voters expressed overwhelming opposition to the concept.

Today, gays and lesbians have full rights in America and even special rights being a protected class. Seeing their reason for existence gone, powerful groups like the Human Rights Campaign cynically latched on to transgenderism to keep the victimhood grift going, so it is no accident that transenderism has dominated the public discourse in the last 10 years. Leftists needed a new class of victims to emancipate (trans people) and malefactors to point the finger (American Christians).

So here we are in 2024, with DEI being promoted relentlessly throughout society thanks to Kirk and Madsen’s mass persuasion techniques. Not only are we faced with transgenderism being ubiquitous, but we also have to deal with queer theory and other forms of sexual deviancy such as gender theory, non-binary, pansexuals, and polyamorous people. In addition, there is a growing movement that is supporting pedophilia which euphemistically is called minor attracted persons or MAPs.

Recently intellectual Auron Macintyre challenged the validity of the term: virtue signaling. He says it’s a form of worship where people make outward gestures to become high-value people in the new intersectional caste system.

Maybe the phrase virtue signaling is not the right phrase we should be using.

Virtue signaling is not an authentic virtue because it requires no effort. True virtue does not advertise itself. Video game studios are the worst offenders. Larian Studios the creator of the acclaimed Baldur’s Gate 3, recently virtue signaled on LinkedIn how pleased they are they have been nominated for 5 awards from an obscure, pro-LGBTQ site called Gayming.

Thanks to the LGBTQ, bestiality, and gratuitous sexual content in Baldur’s Gate 3, I’ve never played this game nor do I ever intend to play it. I don’t care how “good” your video game is. If you promote evil by filling a video game with sexual depravity, I will never play it. As a Roman Catholic, I care more about my immortal soul than the fleeting prurient pleasure I can derive from a video game.

The problem here is not Gaymingmag which is run by a predictable cadre of grifters, perverts, and freaks. The problem is the video studios that enable them.

For the past 10 years, there have been pro-LGBTQ gaming websites and conferences that have the specific mission of promoting alphabet representation in all games. They are desperate for attention and as a result, they getting grants from big companies like EA, Playstation, and Blizzard. Other gay rights groups like HRC and GLAAD have the same mission and use the same tactics.

The real problem is that certain video game studios care about what special interest websites like Gaymingmag think. If they care what they think and broadcast it, there is a good chance that they will ensure that LGBTQ content continues to be artificially inserted into their video games so that the website will continue to show them with praise.

High-level World of Warcraft developers from Blizzard like Holly Longdale and Steve Danuser have done the same and gone on X to proudly talk about World of Warcraft and Overwatch being nominated by LGBTQ pressure groups like GLAAD.

In 2020, I wrote an entire article about how the existence of video game awards incentivizes studios that are addicted to the opiate of virtual signaling. In 2023, I wrote a piece about Holly Longdale promoting WoW’s GLAAD award on X.

A few weeks ago, up-and-coming YouTube culture warrior Endymiom talked about Larian’s capitulation to the alphabet mafia in this video:


I wrote most of this article before the current Sweet Baby Inc. scandal. My subsequent article on that topic is striking similar to this one with many of the same themes of infiltration by various woke agendas showing up and the same cast of characters. Now we know the rabbit hole goes even deeper and to some very ugly places: a hatred of heterosexual white men, Western civilization, and God.

DEI narratives make for terrible games that nobody wants to play. Studios that routinely make terrible games eventually go out of business. The massive layoffs are a prelude to bankruptcy (or are purchased by vultures like Embracers Group and Enad Global 7) if they don’t smarten up. But, that’s not a guarantee that the video game industry is even salvageable.

The problem is that the video game industry has not only forgotten how to make great games, but they have forgotten the reason why they should be making great games: to create a high-quality experience that their customers will find fun. In addition to this, they refuse to acknowledge that straight white male gamers are their bread and butter.

The BUD Lite catastrophe where an inexperienced woke female marketing executive figured that their target demographic (conservative men) should be replaced by a younger more progressive audience that doesn’t drink beer is a perfect illustration of how DEI, ESG mandates, and wokeness is a deadly mind virus that can destroy your brain and your company if you let it.

Many game designers are getting old and retiring. Soon all we will have left are younger game developers who have no clue on how to make a good game. Without older more experienced white men to do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, these younger woke and diverse developers will be exposed for the talentless, soulless frauds that they are.

If the video game industry can’t find the courage to pivot back to making its customers happy, then it needs to go extinct.


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