American Theatre Productions of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol are the Latest Casualty of Wokeness with Race and Gender Swapping

For almost two centuries, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has been beloved by both the English and American people. Dickens’ work is considered a quintessential Christmas classic only to be topped by the birth of Jesus in the Nativity. Like most of the English author’s works, his tale of redemption was grounded in the bleak atmosphere of the industrial revolution. Although Christmas Carol contains a timeless message that all people can relate to, the novel is a uniquely English story, written by an English author, for and about the people of England.

In recent years, as non-white immigrants have settled in white English speaking nations, the odious practice of race swapping by woke, virtue signaling leftist theater companies has become more prevalent.

Despite the fact that there are no African, Asian, or Middle-eastern characters in A Christmas Carol — they are all white and English — theatre companies like ACT in Seattle are desecrating Dicken’s work by casting blacks, and Asians to play those roles.

ACT is a far left theater company that produces all kinds of woke content with an emphasis on the black experience in America. For years, their production of A Christmas Carol has been the only piece of palatable drama that they’ve produced.

ACT in the San Francisco Bay area and Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. (with a black man Ebenezer Scrooge) are both on the same ultra woke trajectory with gratuitous race swapping. No doubt other theatres in America are engaging in this sacrilege as well.

In the 2021 production of A Christmas Carol, ACT Seattle gender swapped Ebenezer Scrooge (he was played by actress Amy Thone) and included an Asian man playing the Ghost of Christmas Past behaving like a drag queen. Watch a snippet of this self-indulgent fiasco for yourself in this promo on YouTube:

Thankfully this dreadful production was never repeated and in the 2022 production, Ebenezer Scrooge is now being played by a man.

To the black and Asian opportunists who are appropriating white roles and depriving white actors of employment, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are just as guilty of the management and directors at ACT of this cultural vandalism.

The Most Authentic Version of A Christmas Carol Ever Produced

At this festive time of year, I refuse to end this article on a sour note. As a young boy growing up in Canada, I looked forward to a special Christmas family tradition. Every Christmas Eve, with the Christmas tree all decorated and lit up in one corner, we would all gather around the crackling fireplace and listen to the radio play that my had uncle recorded from an FM broadcast on our Sony reel to reel machine. It featured some of England’s finest Shakespearean actors: Sir Ralph Richardson and Paul Scofield to name a few. Thankfully it is available on YouTube:

This magical version has captivated our family for decades. Gather you loved ones, put a log in the fire, get comfortable, pour yourself some spirits, put your feet up, and listen to this magnificent version of A Christmas Carol and let yourself be transported to another place and another time.

Merry Christmas everyone!