Sauron Hates Free Speech: Lord of the Rings Online Activist Campaign

On behalf of Tolkien fans everywhere, we have created a number of banners for the #LordoftheRingsOnlineisNotTolkiensMiddle-Earth activists. Please use these banners wherever you like to send a strong message of disapproval to The Tolkien Estate, Embracer Group, Middle-earth Enterprises, Enad Global 7, Daybreak Games, and Standing Stone Games that the desecration of J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe will not be tolerated.

Sauron Hates Free Speech

Like every tyrant in history, Sauron hates free speech. Free speech makes the powerful accountable.

Do you know who else hates free speech? The moderators and developers who work at Standing Stone Games. They have banned many faithful long-standing LOTRO players who dared to speak out against the recent misguided changes to allow African, Asian, and bearded human female avatars. They committed this sacrilege not because the LOTRO community wanted it; they did this to appease their woke overlords at Daybreak Games and Enad Global 6. Shame on them!

These corporations care more about their ESG scores and wokeness than they do about the authenticity of Tolkien’s legendarium and his millions of worldwide fans.

We will be publishing additional banners in the weeks to come.

Till then, namárië!


P.S. Please sign the petition at to demand that Standing Stone Games reverse this unwanted vandalism of Tolkien’s Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Sauron Hates Free Speech — 2000px by 2000px Banner

Sauron Hates Free Speech — 300px by 300px Banner

Sauron Hates Free Speech — 728px by 90px Banner

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