Woke Paramount Erases Captain Kirk and William Shatner from Star Trek Day Promo

The wholesale cultural vandalization of the West is in full swing. Beloved franchises like the Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, and of course, Star Trek have been infected by the woke mind virus of identity politics, representation, and DEI agenda. The ivory towers of Hollywood are one of the biggest distributors of neo-Marxist idealogy because they understand that culture is upstream of politics.

So-called Star Trek Day is a Paramount promotional event that happens every September 8th. It is an occasion to celebrate the legacy of Star Trek. Recently the official Star Trek X account published a compositie promotional mural for Star Trek Day. Noticeably absent was the character of Captain James T. Kirk and the actor that made him famous: William Shatner.

The indefatigable Shatner made some remarks bout this willful omission on his X account:

The Shatner version of Captain Kirk should be in the middle of the image, instead, they put the black female character named Michael Burnham. Played by a talentless woke actress named Sonequa Martin-Green. The Burnam character — probably the worst character ever conceived for Star Trek — is an extremely annoying and unwatchable black Mary Sue.

The Star Trek Discovery series is thankfully canceled. It was a preposterous, amateurish, shallow, contorted, cringeworthy kaleidoscopic mess of woke tropes and gratuitous LGBTQ pandering. If he were alive, Gene Roddenberry would be outraged if he knew what the ghouls at Paramount have done to his legendarium.

A fan named fixed the graphic and posted it on X:

Bounding into Comics has reported on continual memory holing of Captain Kirk as well.

Behold the nasty little man who is currently in charge of the whited sepulcher of the Star Trek franchise:


Without William Shatner’s interpretation of Captain Kirk, the Star Trek franchise would have never gotten off the ground. Erasing Captain Kirk and William Shatner from their legacy is a move right out of the Stalinist playbook from the Soviet Union; this desecration is culturally equivalent to the statues that were torn down across America during and after the George Floyld BLM/ANTIFA riots.

They are doing this because the Captain Kirk character is a strong, swashbuckling, charismatic, confident, manly straight white man. The idea of Captain Kirk who is a man’s man is offensive to the very core of their intersectionalist worldview. They believe that the archetype of Kirk exemplifies toxic masculinity and white privilege. Therefore, he must be marginalized, canceled, and memory-holed for the greater good.

By doing this, they are purposely depriving males of having masculine role models. Without masculine role models to inspire future generations of men to grow up and be actual men, you will have no men enlisting in the military and no men to lead society. This is exactly what they want as they proceed to destroy and reimagine Western civilization.


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