Dr Taylor Marshall: If Trump Loses Joe Biden will Resign as President and Appoint the USA’s First Female President

Noted Catholic scholar and thinker Dr Taylor Marshall is promoting a plausible theory about Joe Biden. If Joe Biden wins the 2020 presidential election, he will most certainly resign his presidency within a few months. Then his VP candidate — a black or minority woman — will become the president.

Here’s the video where Taylor postulates this theory:

The most likely scenario is this: a few months into his presidency, he will make a solemn address to the nation. He will say that after doing a lot of soul-searching and extensive consultation with his doctor, his wife Dr. Jill Biden, and his family, he will explain that due to health reasons he can no longer effectively carry out the duties of the president of the USA and will resign the office immediately.

Joe Biden will then be hailed as a selfless saint that resigned for the good of the country. He will also be seen as a hero for being responsible for the first black female president. It’s a win-win scenario because Joe Biden becomes president and makes history with that accomplishment. Joe Biden then resigns and enjoys the rest of his life in retirement with the eternal thanks of the nation and as a civil rights hero.

Joe Biden is clearly suffering from dementia. He has trouble putting sentences together. He can’t focus on anything. He doesn’t know where he is most of the time. Both he, his wife, his family and his advisors and donors have known this since he started his campaign. Let’s be honest, Joe Biden never really had any intention of serving a full 4 years as president.

Anyone that watches him can see that he is mentally unfit to hold the most powerful office in the world.

Every Democrat operative knows this and that’s why they are holding their noses and supporting him. Joe Biden has surround himself with the most radical leftists in America to advise him.

Joe Biden is a puppet that is being controlled by donors.

When you vote for Joe Biden, what you are really voting for is the first black or minority female president.

If that happens, the USA will lurch toward the far left. If you think the riots and looting are bad now, wait till Biden wins and see what happens to America. The economy will tank. Christians and families will be persecuted. Fundamental rights like free speech and the right to bear arms will be eroded if not eliminated. The supreme court will be loaded with radical leftists. China will grow in power and be given carte blanche to menace the world. This nation will be America in name only. The vultures are circling. God help us.

There is hope. Eventually Biden will have to leave his basement and come up for air. During the debates, Trump will run circles around Biden and demonstrate to the American public that he is inept and incompetent.

Not only will Americans see for themselves that Biden is mentally unfit, Trump will remind the nation that Joe Biden is a career politician with no real accomplishments and that for all his years in politics, has used his power only to enrich himself and his family.

I believe Biden will lose the independents after the debates.

In the end, I hope and pray Americans will come to their senses and do the right thing.

What can we do? We need to humble ourselves before God, stop offending Him, and start putting God first before all else. Only then, do we have any right to expect divine intervention for this troubled nation.

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