Woke Alert: Asmongold’s OTK Gaming Company Raises Money for Controversial LGBTQ Charity

If you’ve ever wondered why millionaire World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold is missing in action on many culture war issues, I may have a partial answer. His company ATK revealed on their LinkedIn page they raised $13,305 dollars for the Trevor Project. Of all the charities they could have picked to support, why are they supporting this controversial LGBTQ charity?

Some Truth about the Shady Trevor Project

While they claim they are helping LGBTQ people, the Trevor Project is more of a propaganda outlet than a charity. It’s also a favored charity in the gaming celebrity world. As well as promoting sexual degeneracy, their website is chock full of subversive intersectional and neo-Marxist propaganda.

Of course, we should be getting help to suicidal teens but it should be offered equally with no regard for sex, skin color, or any other immutable characteristic.

It doesn’t get better, it gets worse. Recently the 700-employee-strong, $54 million dollar-funded Trevor Project has been severely criticized by their own LGBTQ community for failing to help suicidal trans teens as reported by The Washington Blade.

Here’s a woman on TikTok calling out the Trever Project for their incompetence:

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

As someone who has watched some of Asmongold’s videos over the years and appreciated a lot of his insights and analysis, I can tell you without hesitation that he conveniently avoids talking about controversial gender and LGBTQ issues. During one of his New World MMORPG character creation videos, he skipped over the “body type” part of the process. He did the same thing when Blizzard removed male and female sex designations in World of Warcraft.

If he really cared about gamers he would be sounding the alarm on this important issue. Male and female sex designations have been a part of the RPG world since the advent of Dungeons & Dragons in 1974. I have no respect for anyone who willfully denies biological reality and promotes sexual perversion.

Why is the most famous streamer in the world refusing to talk about this?

He’s not doing his followers any favors by failing to call out this widespread change to biology in video games. Most gamers never wanted this. If they are allowed to get away with this, what’s stopping them from implementing more insanity like beastiality?

Oh, wait, Baldur’s Gate 3 has in-game beastiality. If streamers had pushed back on LGBTQ propaganda, the depravity of bestiality would never have been put into BG3. You get the video games you deserve folks.


The Erasure of Reality

Erasing males and females from video game worlds is absolute madness. Denying biological reality by removing biological sex in video names, is a blatant attempt to pander to the transgender community. It’s an example of the ideological intrusion of intersectionality and allyship in our culture.

So-called transgender people suffering from the mental illness of gender dysphoria are perhaps some of the most unhinged and violent people in America today. It’s worth noting that domestic terror groups like ANTIFA have disproportionally high numbers of trans people.

OTK Supported Ukraine in the War

Asmongold and OTK are now involved in international politics and have raised $500,000 for relief to Ukraine in the Ukraine-Russian war. There are various relief efforts for wars and conflicts all over the world that OTK could have supported. Why would they only decide to support this one?

Answer: This is performative corporate posturing. It’s obvious, they are riding the bandwagon of what the current thing happens to be. Asmongold and his merry band of degenerate streamers are doing the bidding of their globohomo overlords. I hope the 30 pieces of silver are worth it Zack.

Asmongold is Not Your Friend

He’s no Jordan Peterson but for some reason, thousands of male gamers look up to Asmongold. He’s like a father figure to them. They look to him to give them unvarnished takes on video games and the industry that makes them.

But, if he’s going to fail to defend the reality of biological sex, what other realities is he going to avoid to keep the shekels coming in?

The depraved LGBTQ agenda has completely infiltrated WoW. Asmongold seems to be okay with it. Avid WoW player Alexensual exposed a lot of this a while back in this killer must-watch video:


Note: he’s back playing WoW again so for some reason he made the video private. Here’s the mirror I have on my Rumble channel.

Alexensual is a legend in the WoW community. I urge people to support him and his channel.

Here’s Amongold letting off some steam in his downtime. I bet his parents are real proud of how their son turned out.

Is this really the smartest guy in the video game world?

The Scourge of Streaming Culture

As an old-school gamer, I detest streamers. Streaming culture is a blight upon our society. It’s digital panhandling that’s one rung up the ladder from those insufferable reaction videos that pollute YouTube and for female streamers, it’s one rung below OnlyFans.

From what I’ve seen, streaming is nothing more than an online carnival freakshow of gamers, cosplayers, and grifters who entertain lonely, atomized, low-self-esteem people. Gamers who watch streamers instead of playing video games are like cucks who pay male prostitutes to have sex with their wives while they watch. I will never understand how gamers would rather watch other people playing games than play them for themselves.


Asmongold is not as stupid as he looks. He’s a genius for turning his slacker hobby into a multimillion-dollar career. Every streamer wants to be him, so don’t expect any eruptions of courage from any of them.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Asmongold is the real power at OTK because he’s the financial muscle behind it all. Being the inspirational profile in courage that he is, he’s not going to rock the woke boat by saying that there are only two genders. If he did, he’d be thrown off of Twitch and YouTube and promptly canceled. Then he’d have to find a real job.

However, the bucks stop with Asmongold. He must be green-lighting all the wokeness at OTK. His company would fold like a bad hand of poker cards if Zack was not there.

I’m not naive. Looking to Asmongold for moral rectitude is like expecting a chimpanzee to recite a sonnet from Shakespeare. It ain’t gonna happen. So expect more woke shenanigans from OTK in the future. Asmongold is to Zack Rawr as Alice Cooper is to Vincent Furnier. Asmongold is a vaudeville character with a goofy aw-shucks grin, a top hat, a cane, and tap shoes. Anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt.


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