The Simple Truth about Twitter: It’s a Cesspool Dominated by Angry Women

While reading the forums, I happened upon an infographic about Twitter that reveals some sobering truths about this contemptible social media platform.

Nobody likes being around angry, loud Karen’s who have an opinion on everything. Maybe we should call it toxic femininity?

Twitter is not the real world. Twitter is not a legitimate proxy for public opinion nor does it represent democracy in way, shape, or form. There is no legitimate consensus on Twitter. Twitter does not reflect the mood of the public.

Twitter is in fact, a neo-Marxist echochamber run and staffed by power-hungry tyrants and censorious children who are situated in the bowels of filthy San Francisco. If your opinions do not fit the approved narrative, they are not welcome on Twitter.

The worst people on the planet are engaged in useless virtual signaling and sharing their worthless opinions on Twitter. If you stay long enough on Twitter you will become angry like them. If you stay long enough, you may just utter some truth that someone will find offensive and then they will try to get you banned and fired from your job in the real world.

Do yourself a favor, stop using Twitter.

Stop caring about what the people on Twitter think. Nothing you ever say on Twitter will ever make a difference anyways. You’re not going to “change the world” by making a snarky, clever tweet on Twitter.

The world would be a far better place if Twitter did not exist.

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  1. James Allen February 26, 2021