Why the Video Game Industry has been Propagating the Lie that Male and Female Playable Characters are Equal in Ability

In almost every video game that allows players to choose the sex of their playable character, the attributes and statistics of both male and females are identical. The differences exhibited by both sexes in video games are purely cosmetic.

Try creating any character class in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, or EverQuest and you will see that there are no statistics differences between male and female. Amazon’s New World MMO has gotten rid of sex completely as there is no way to create a specific male or female playable character.

Males and females of all species of life are biologically different and unique. In the realm of the physical, human males are stronger and taller; human females are shorter and weaker. There are also differences in temperament that enhance the biological roles of each sex. The differences between male and female exist solely to propagate the species in the most efficient way possible. This is an indisputable and undeniable scientific fact.

Nowhere is this more evident than when males compete against females as a recent news story revealed that a so-called transgender — sex appropriationist — woman swim athlete competing against biological women soundly defeated all of “her” opponents.

Why has the video game industry been propagating a lie for over 50 years?

The answer is that most game designers are beholden to feminist ideology or are afraid to offend feminists. For well over a century, feminists have been peddling a diabolical lie that men and women are equal. This falsehood has permeated every walk of life, every institution and seeped into the psyche of the average game designer.

Former President of Blizzard Entertainment J. Allen Brack is probably the best example of this. He routinely claimed that uber feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem was the patron saint of his family.

Blizzard J Allen Brack Gloria Steinem

Another reason designers are so gullible and amenable to feminist ideology is that most creative people are predisposed to being on the left side of cultural issues. Many of them see video games as a vehicle to change the world and advance their beliefs. So, they naturally identify with feminists who see themselves as oppressed by the phantom patriarchy. The rise of feminism and identity politics originates from a Marxist view that all of humanity is embroiled in a class struggle. This insane theory which caused the deaths of one hundred million people, is opposed to natural law and the order of the universe created by Almighty God.

The constant societal demand for female empowerment is another reason many game designers want to ensure that males and females are given the same exact abilities in their games. It is an act of misguided generosity on their part that makes them (males in particular) feel like righteous benefactors and biological truth be damned as a casualty.

The Cult of Equality

True equality does not exist and will never exist outside the realm of pure mathematics as no two apples look the same, taste the same, and weigh the same.

Men and women are not equal, they are different. Feminism looks at men and women via the prism of power dynamics in a zero-sum game. For women to become equally or more powerful than men, they insist that men must decrease in power. The practitioners of the dark arts of identity politics use similar sophistry. For example, if blacks are not as equal, then the problem is one of anti-black racism and so-called white privilege.

Anyone who dares to question the absolute equality of the sexes will find himself pilloried and fired from their job as Google’s James Damore and Harvard University President Larry Summers found out.

If a major AAA video game studio or even an indie video game studio were to make player created characters with different stats for male and female, you can rest assured that Kotaku, Polygon, Jason Schreier, and every woke Twitter activist would be up in arms and looking for blood. This would be so cataclysmic that identity politics grifter Anita Sarkeesian would come out of hiding and throw a tantrum.

Questioning the preposterous lie that men and women are equal is forbidden. The following quote epitomizes the stranglehold that feminist ideology has over Western civilization:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

If we are honest, we will admit that we are being ruled by feminist ideologues and their enablers. The feminization of Western culture is further evidence of this.

The diabolical lie of male and female equality has wormed its way into all forms of entertainment.

The lie of equality is as old as humanity. It was first peddled by the prideful fallen angel Lucifer in the Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve. The acceptance of that lie brought death and destruction to the world and it still continues to this very day in its current incarnation of feminism and identity politics.


I find it extremely hypocritical that a video game industry currently obsessed with racial and gender representation is not interested in accurate and meaningful sex difference representation. In almost every fantasy MMORPG, each of the playable races have unique abilities and penalties. Why then should sex differences be ignored?

Male and female fantasy characters in video games should accurately reflect the differences that their biological counterparts possess in the real world. I believe that different abilities and attributes for each sex would make for more interesting, challenging, and diverse gameplay. I also think that this would make male and female characters more complimentary and provide the opportunity for synergistic gameplay where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

However, I do not believe that male and female character ability differences will ever be permitted in the neo-Marxist and ideological driven climate of the current video game industry.

It is not misogyny to point out the reality that both sexes are different. It an act of truth telling that liberates us from a prison of lies. The lie of equality has been promulgated for so long that it has metastasized into a counterfeit truth. To challenge conventional accepted lies attracts the anger of the powerful elites and ideologues who control our world.

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
― George Orwell

Our only hope is that a culture that is fueled by lies is ultimately unstainable and will eventually die.

Just as St. Benedict of Nursia created a monastic order that saved Western civilization during the decline of the Roman Empire, a new parallel culture is in the works and waiting in the wings for the current depraved culture to collapse. A rebirthed Western civilization based on truth and the foundation of traditional Christian values will result in a nations populated by people of good moral character. This new civilization will bear good fruit and will manifest itself into all forums of leisure and entertainment.

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