White Knights Rush in to Defend Wizards of the Coast’s Latest Desecration of Tolkien’s Lore as they Unveil Another Blackwashed Aragorn

Will the absurdity of wokeness ever end? Wizards of the Coast just revealed their latest atrocity with a rendition of Aragorn by Naughty Dog artist Irvin Rodriguez.

Behold the insanity of Magic: The Gathering’s black Aragorn wielding a preposterous-looking Word of Warcraft sword:

For fear of being repetitive, there’s nothing more for me to say about the abomination of race-swapping and blackwashing that I have not already said. I’m glad that the real Tolkien community is having none of it and is continuing to lampoon Wizards of the Coast for their wanton disrespect of Tolkien’s legendarium.

YouTubers like Disparu who is a faithful Tolkien fan have already been blocked by Wizards of the Coast:

One professional malcontent named David Leavitt thought he was clever by repeatedly calling anyone that dislikes the inclusion of a black Aragorn a “racist”. Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin and hundreds of others spanked his whiny little ass and ratioed him:

Here’s the ridiculous-looking black Aragorn:

Here’s a glorious authentic white Aragorn created by a Twitter user. This is how he should have been portrayed and would have been portrayed 10 years ago before the epidemic of the woke mind virus:

One can only imagine more instances of race swapping that will be revealed from Magic the Gathering in the weeks ahead. Here are a few I gleaned from their promotional video, starting with blackwashed Aragorn:

A black hobbit:

A black elf:

In order to promote black Aragorn, they have animated him riding a horse as you clearly see in this promo video:

The above video which features a motley crew of Tolkien grifters and sellouts, is a goldmine of content for future articles that will dig deeper into the people at Embracer Group and Middle-earth Enterprises who are responsible for this brazen act of cultural vandalism.


The real problem is that Embracer Group — who owns Middle-earth Enterprises and is 100% responsible for ensuring that all licensed works adhere to Tolkien’s lore — has dropped the ball and allowed this to transpire. MEE has been working hand in hand with WOTC and approved every bit of race swapping in the upcoming card set. The buck stops with them.

I believe this is all about companies like Embracer Group getting their ESG (wokeness) scores up via diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE). George Soros of the Open Society Foundations and Larry Fink of Blackrock are behind all of this. Instead of promoting profits, they are using extortion and intimidation via investment “regulations” to promote ideology to the world. It is time to cut the heads off the serpents and take decisive action against them by utilizing RICO statutes and lawsuits to ensure their compliance with fiduciary responsibilities towards investors.


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