Video: Trader Joe’s Tyrants Threaten Free American Citizens

Free American citizens are starting to rise up and reclaim their God-given rights. Groups of free-thinking non-compliant people are shopping without wearing the sign of global servitude: the face mask.

Masks are purely symbolic and have no efficacy against the spreading of the China virus. It’s all a lie. It’s all about control.

Watch this video of what happened in a Santa Cruz, California Trader Joe’s store. Watch how a sorry group of slithering male goons and female Karens reacted:

I guarantee you every single one of these limp-wristed Trader Joe employees would have no problem with ANTIFA or BLM “protestors” coming into their store and harassing everyone and they would probably join in on the protest.

I’ve heard report of brave citizens doing the same thing in the Seattle area.

I was harassed by an overzealous employee when my mask accidentally slipped below my nose in a local store. I was immediately threatened with expulsion from the store that I have been patronizing for many years.

Take back your rights. Stop wearing the symbol of slavery.

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