The LGBTQ PRIDE Flag is a Symbol of Conquest and Supremacy

From the time flags were invented, they have been outward symbols of conquest. The first thing that the victorious army does is remove the old flag of the conquered and replace it with their own flag. Flags instantly communicate who has the power. Whoever has power has supreme control over the populace.

The PRIDE flag is no different. The LGBTQ rainbow-colored PRIDE flag that we see plastered everywhere both during so-called Pride month and outside of Pride month is not innocent nor is it benign; the PRIDE flag is a sign of power, domination, and supremacy.

Claiming to be trans or wearing PRIDE paraphernalia confers a multitude of benefits. It signals to the world, your worldview, your morality, and your beliefs. Suddenly, you are special. You are one of the cool kids. You are tolerant, inclusive, compassionate, welcoming, and more. You are stunning and brave. You are one of the enlightened. You are connected to all the big corporations and international billionaires that are promoting the LGBGQ agenda. You are a citizen of the world.

Take the case of J.K. Rowling who has been mercilessly attacked by unrelenting online blue-coiffed trans bullies who live in coffins by day and haunt public restrooms by night. Actors such as Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson owe their careers to her, but since they had the superpower of being trans allies, they feel they are morally superior to her and they chastized her for her legitimate opinions on transgender people. This is how insane the LGBTQ movement has become. It’s a cult of self-righteous people who have lost all touch with reality.

Those people who refuse to genuflect before the PRIDE flag suffer the same fate as people who did not bow before the flags of totalitarian regimes. They are mocked, shunned, persecuted, silenced, and deprived of their freedom to make a living in their chosen profession.

Take a look at the smirking faces of the buffoons who march in a PRIDE parade (Warning: graphic content):

What did they do to gain such an honor every year?

Did they land on the moon? Did they cure a disease? Did they win the Super Bowl? No. They did absolutely nothing that warrants a parade because being an LGBTQ exhibitionist is not an achievement. In truth, they are returning soldiers in a victory parade because they won the culture war where they handily defeated Christians, conservatives, and Republicans.

PRIDE parades where grown men walk virtually naked are non-stop humiliation rituals that are designed to make us feel uncomfortable.

The vice of sodomy, which is the vilest and most disgusting human behavior next to child sacrifice, torture, cannibalism, and murder has been elevated into a public virtue.

The LGBTQ community is so powerful and influential, that groveling politicians routinely attend PRIDE parades as a sign of fealty to their overlords. It is a symbolic action akin to kissing a pope’s ring or bowing before a king. Behold the pandering boy king buffoon from Canada:

When you see politicians kneeling before people you know who has the real power.

It’s not only all of the month of June, LGBTQ narcissism is celebrated on other days as well:

The genius of those running the LGBTQ deep state is that they have managed to control our society while painting themselves as marginalized victims.

In the psychological warfare masterpiece After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s, authors Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen reveal their strategy that portraying homosexuals as downtrodden victims is a key part of gaining mass acceptance:

Gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector. If gays present themselves instead, as a strong and arrogant tribe promoting a defiantly nonconformist lifestyle, they are most likely to be seen as a public menace that warrants resistance and oppression.

Eventually, gays became addicted to victimhood and turned it into an art form.

In 2023, gays are far from the oppressed victims that 30 years of constant propaganda made them out to be. Today, drunk on unearned power and unopposed influence, gays are tyrants and oppressors. The very same people that never stop talking about “inclusion” are in fact exclusionary. Like their father the devil, they are pathological liars because they are living a lie.

Our alphabet overlords are so powerful that they have the audacity to believe that they can change reality. Now, a woman is no longer a woman. Just 30 years ago, they claimed they were born that way and that homosexuality was not a choice. But, now that “trans” people have been welcomed into the acronymic fold, being born that way is no longer useful sophistry. Now sexuality is conveniently fluid and it allowed them to add a “T” for transgender at the end of the LGB acronym, to keep their grift going. They changed the rules to suit them. Heads they win, tails we lose.

Throughout the Western world, PRIDE flags are routinely displayed everywhere in the month of June and in other months with the same fervor as Christmas decorations are displayed in the month of December. PRIDE flags are draped over federal government buildings. The PRIDE virus has even invaded the U.S. Military. PRIDE flags are shown at sporting events that have nothing to do with LGBTQ issues. PRIDE flags are now painted on street crossings. Many American corporations adorn their windows and interiors with PRIDE flags and change their social media avatars to rainbow colors.

No matter where you stand on this issue, no one can make a coherent argument that having PRIDE flags everywhere is a sign of a healthy and normal society. We are living in an insane asylum, a theater of the absurd, a horror movie, and a dystopian hellscape — all at the same time. The sodomites are not the oppressed, they are the oppressors.

LGBTQ propaganda is ubiquitous. It is in our schools, corporations, entertainment, and now in many churches. It’s impossible to get away from it. Only in the sanctuary of the mind and the home can one escape it. DIE and LGBTQ dogma has become the official state religion here in the West. Jesus revealed to a saint that these degenerates and deviants are so evil, even demons who have angelic natures even though they are fallen, are repulsed by their acts and flee from their wickedness.

Now they are indoctrinating our children so they’ll have a steady supply of young teens to abuse for their sick carnal pleasure:

At no time has Western civilization ever elevated and celebrated carnality and sexual immorality to the level that we see now. We are post-Weimar 2.0. We are getting closer and closer to Sodom and Gomorrah’s levels of debauchery and sin. No nation can remain great if its citizenry is enslaved to its primal passions. If we do not master our passions, our passions will master us.

We as Christians must take full responsibility for this predicament. In the name of tolerance, we allowed sexual immorality to fester on our watch. As lukewarm believers, we never let the Gospel of Christ penetrate our hearts and as a consequence we allowed 3% of the population and their enablers to rule over us.

God will not be mocked indefinitely. If this great evil does not devour itself, I believe God will step in and send the planet a chastisement. Do not wait. Repent while you still can.


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