Vanguard forums: Challenges Facing the MMO Industry

Greetings all! 

Since I started lurking and finally posting to these boards I have come to realize that this board has some of most perceptive, intelligent posters I’ve ever seen in any online gaming forum bar none. It is such a distinct pleasure to be part of a forward thinking, cutting edge community of online gaming thinkers!

I’m not sure if this question has been asked in other threads. If it has I apologize in advance. As someone who’s passionate about MMORPG design and online communties I would like to ask you what *you* think the top 3 challenges, issues or problems with MMORPG’s today.

I will start with my own 3 challenges facing MMORPG’s:

1) rapid content consumption – Players and guilds consuming content faster then developers can create it and the problems it causes. Should we be trying to slow down the advancement of powergamers or should we give them more content?

2) expanding the subscriber base – How can get more people involved in online gaming without dumbing down the gaming experience? Can content be created that can be attractive to casual gamers and yet challenging to power gamers alike?

3) implementing a truly dynamic world – Brad once said this was the “Holy Grail” of online gaming. So how can we bring this vision to fruition? How do we create a online game engine that lets the choices, deeds and actions of players affect the NPC’s and landscape of an online world?

Please post what you think are the top 3 challenges facing MMORPG’s today even if they have already been posted.

Thanks everyone!