The Rise and Fall of Jennifer Scheurle

Woke video game designer and one of Geoff Keighley’s anointed Future Class members, Jennifer Scheurle is in deep trouble. It was revealed this week that she has been accused of abuse and coercion by a number of female video game developers. Since this was made public, more women have come forward complaining that they were gaslit and abused by Scheurle. In a classic example of projection, Scheurle was allegedly doing all the things that she was accusing others of doing.

Here’s a very good in-depth video that analyzes the recent allegations made against Scheurle and IDGA — the corrupt organization that Scheurle was involved with:

What follows is an in-depth article that I have have working on for months that deconstructs the carefully contrived legend of Jennifer Scheurle. Given the news this week, I figured now was a good time to finish and publish it.

It has long been said that anyone can make it in America. Nowhere is this more evident than delusional contestants for reality TV shows like American Idol and The Voice who truly believe that they have exceptional talent. Who can blame them as they were raised by bad parents with copious amounts of self-esteem. Millennials are taught by their boomer parents that they are special and that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. As a result, we have a generation of entitled and spoiled brats who’ve been force fed a diet of undeserved parental affirmations.

The proliferation of social media and smartphones have only made matters worse as they are the drug of choice for the millennial generation. Vapid social media culture idolizes e-celebrities and naturally many women are hoping to find stardom and income by becoming e-girls via YouTube, Twitch, and OnlyFans.

Thanks to the Tik Tok app, many young girls do suggestive dances hoping it will be their ticket to fandom. We live in a instant gratification world where vice has replaced virtue and consumption has replaced frugality. We also live in a mad world where identity has supplanted merit as the underlying foundation of our economy.

Walking Between the Raindrops

Even back when merit was a virtue, every walk of life has had a small group of undeserving people that seem to rise to the top for inexplicable reasons. Well all know them: the boss’s son, the attractive VP who slept her way to the top, the unqualified minority who checks off the right diversity box, the friend of the CEO and so on. These charmed people with no observable skills, talent or aptitude, seem to walk between the raindrops.

But there is another subset of these tiny group who posses a genius for self-promotion. They take credit for the accomplishment of others, hide when things go bad, and leverage their minimal achievements for maximum results. They are the phonies, frauds, and grifters who live among us.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

If Hitler, Stalin, or Mao were alive today, chances are they would be video game designers with selfies and PRIDE themed avatars adorning their Twitter accounts. If you’re not lucky enough to a billionaire cat stroking Dr. Evil type or the beneficiary of a trust fund, the video game industry is the optimum career path for aspiring tyrants who crave power to rule over humanity. Instead of using a microphone and a stadium to spread their revolution, they have the colossal and unchecked power of social media as their bullhorn.

Everyone wants to be a game designer and why not? Create a few lines of code and presto, you have a “video game” and now you can claim to be a video game designer and amaze the impressionable rubes on Twitter.

Today, some game designers have the same influence that rock stars once had in 1970s and 1980s. They have the opportunity to influence thousands if not millions of people by their craft. There are some game designers like Marcus “Notch” Persson who have almost 4 million Twitter followers. He didn’t cross the Atlantic ocean solo in a plane, cure AIDs, or cancer for his fame; instead, he created a wholly original video game called Minecraft which he eventually sold for billions of dollars.

Dictators and video game designers have much in common. Both are social engineers. Both enjoy creating grand narratives to inspire their followers. Most importantly, they love creating fictional Utopian worlds for people to live in. They create all the rules by which the people that live in those worlds must abide. Both of them think they understand humanity better than you and me. Both will attempt cancel you if you sin against their orthodoxy.

What is the difference between God and a game designer?

God doesn’t think he’s a game designer.

Some game designers want to play god. Instead of fixing their own brokenness, they want to fix yours. Do as I say, but not as I do. The problem with playing god is that not everyone is a benevolent monarch or dictator. What if the person who desires to play god has an evil intent or is masquerading as good?

The wannabe god and armchair revolutionary never sees himself as malevolent. On the contrary, they see themselves as chosen messiahs riding on white horses to save humanity from itself. But who will save us from them?

The difference between the benevolent and the malevolent, is that the latter always fails in their quest to create Utopia with the carnage of millions of dead human beings as collateral damage. As Arthur Koestler argued in his book critiquing communism The God that Failed — the ends always justify the means for them. Thankfully, failed video games and virtual worlds just die from lack of subscribers and nobody is hurt.

J.R.R. Tolkien was one such benevolent dictator that created the fantasy world of Middle-earth. He did so long before he wrote the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. In the beginning, Tolkien created his world for himself, as a love letter to Western civilization. He shaped it with the bare hands of his imagination. As he was a believer in the one and true living God, he believed that the creation of Middle-earth was an act of sub-creation that paid homage to the Creator in a respectful way. He didn’t use the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings to push any kind of political or religious agenda. The proof lies in the pudding as the timeless truths contained in his literary words have appealed to millions of people around the world and have been translated into 30 different languages.

Culture is Upstream from Politics

Ossified conservatives and sleepy Republicans don’t get it, but culture is upstream from politics. Of course, the gatekeepers and cliques that control the video game industry know this and wield a tremendous amount of influence over the minds of the people that play their video games. The power to control the Overton Window and covertly shape public opinion is intoxicating and a magnet for bright eyed idealists who believe that only they know what’s best for humanity.

We can not trust the wannabe gods who create video game worlds to be benevolent. Most if not all, are trendy progressives and hardcore leftists weaned on the shallow and disposable tripe of popular culture that promotes equally banal values. They are often spoiled, self-righteous, participation trophy winning millenials who never faced any sort of deprivation in their lives and have been forever ruined by terrible parenting. So, they seek to latch on to any cause or activism that gives their unremarkable lives some semblance of meaning and legitimacy.

Millennials desperately want their lives to matter.

How the Video Game Industry Became Woke

Like Hollywood, the video game industry is an elite club run, controlled and populated by leftists who exhibit varying degrees of fervor. Until recently, most sensible game designers kept their leftist politics to themselves. Then around 2014 when millennials started entering the workforce, it became fashionable to come out of the closet and openly profess how progressive you were on Twitter. Typical California game designers are participants in a cult of groupthink where pronouns, PRIDE icons, and Black Lives Matter slogans adorn their Twitter profiles.

The modern left is not religious in the traditionally sense. They funnel their beliefs into hall room monitor activism both on the job and at home. For them, social activism, “change,” and many other sophomoric bumper sticker slogans are the articles of their simplistic faith. Thanks to their pride and hubris, they hate the world and everything and everyone that came before them. Like the fallen angel Lucifer, they believe they know better than God. Thousands of years of civilizational progress means nothing to these petulant children drunk on their own egos, as they seek to destroy everything and anything, all to appease their infernal master.

One of Tolkien’s colleagues, C.S. Lewis knew full well the modus operandi of moral tyrants:

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

Sound familiar? This is a good description of the modern regressive left in 2021. Despite being completely dysfunctional in their own lives, they believe they know what’s best for you and me.

Behold the Legend of Jennifer Scheurle

One video game designer that fits this bill is German national and self-admitted anarchist Jennifer Scheurle. She is the archetype of the globe trotting, moral exhibitionist, social justice, slacktivist revolutionary who moonlights as a game designer complete with her weird Viking style hairdo which is in fashion these days with ugly militant feminists. If Scheurle wasn’t a game designer, worked in some menial occupation, and Twitter did not exist, nobody would know who she is and nobody would care.

Scheurle has cleverly leveraged both her dubious skills as a game designer and the power of Twitter to create an e-persona for herself. Scheurle is a grandmaster min/maxer.

When she’s not sharing details about her cat, she uses Twitter it to make broad and sweeping far left accusations about Trump, America, capitalism, and law enforcement without a shred of proof. Most of her Twitter utterings are mindless stream of consciousness drivel which is corn fed Kobe served for her adoring followers. Her intellectual vapidity reminds me of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg whose stock-in-trade is to engage in over the top alarmist tantrums about how “evil” the world is and how you must do as exactly as they say or the world will be over — until the next crisis comes and they promptly jump on the new bandwagon du jour.

Here’s a good video that refutes one of Scheurle’s sophomoric statements on Twitter:

In her brief stint as a guest in her adopted home of the USA while working for ArenaNet in Bellevue, WA, she exhibited extremely poor manners and never failed to find fault with America. Scheurle constantly trashed America and President Trump on Twitter. Truth be told, she’s an outlander who knows practically nothing about the USA and has no business talking about it in any authoritative manner.

I have known a few Europeans over the years. When it comes to America, many Europeans exude an aura of moral superiority due to insecurities about their place in the world. For them, watching America on the sidelines is like watching a daily soap opera for entertainment value. Although they are fascinated by the USA, they both despise it openly and admire it secretly and would kill to get a chance to work here. For them, America is the dangerously exciting boyfriend, that they want to change.

Most Germans have warped views of America and they parrot the lies that the Marxist press in Europe has been feeding them for decades. Germany has a both a tortured past and a troubled present. Let’s also not forget that modern Germany now encompasses the brutal communist regime of East Germany home of current chancellor Merkel. Garbage in, garbage out.

ANTIFA/BLM Sympathizer?

Scheurle rose to fame/infamy during the George Floyd and ANTIFA/BLM riots in 2020. She was one of the alleged masterminds behind the aptly name Riot Kitchen who allegedly supported domestic “protestors” AKA ANTIFA with “supplies” under the guise of offering medic kits, food and drink and were arrested by Kenosha, Wisconsin police.

Hint: protestors who anticipate and make preparations for the possibility of being injured in battle are probably not peaceful.

Scheurle event set up a GoFundMe page for Riot Kitchen. While the company consistently bans conservatives from using their platform, communist and anarchist causes are perfectly fine for the Silicon Valley based company.

The attendees of the annual March of Life who are pro-life do not arm themselves for battle with medic kits. Incidentally, Riot Kitchen didn’t bring their truck to give assistant to the March for life either. I guess the annual death toll of 47 million murdered unborn babies is not enough of an outrage for them to show up and lend assistance.

If they are so peaceful thy didn’t they call themselves the Peace Kitchen instead of Riot Kitchen?

Throughout the Soros manufactured summer riots, the Bienenkönigin sat by her keyboard furiously typing orders to her followers and diligently worked behind the scenes offering strategy and support — all the while living on the largesse of the featherbed payroll of a video game company called Arenanet that makes games like Guild Wars 2.

According to an expose by Bounding into Comics, the unhinged Scheurle called for an open revolution in the United States.

Here’s an infographic of all the tactics that BLM and ANTIFA use at their “peaceful” protests:

The Polluted Stream of Consciousness

Viewing her Twitter thread is like watching a reality TV show, where she shares any incidental thought that comes into her mind that she deems necessary to share with her acolytes. During the Trump’s presidency, with only a year of experience living in the USA, she made the preposterous claim that America is a fascist country:

I have some questions for the well-travelled Scheurle:

When you travelled to Japan early in your career, did you insult your Japanese hosts — who are fiercely nationalistic — by calling them xenophobic, fascists, and Nazis?

How many American states did you visit when you were in America working for Arenanet and how much time did you spend talking to everyday Americans in those states to come to the conclusion that America is a fascist nation?

I doubt that the jet-setting German bothered to visit any U.S. States outside of Washington. She wasn’t interested in getting to know hard-working, blue collar Americans that might have different political, religious and social beliefs than her.

Apparently this ungrateful German is unaware that the USA defeated Nazi fascist Germany after World War 2 and spent $15 billion of American taxpayers dollars via the Marshall Plan to help rebuild Germany and Europe. America also protected and continues to protect Germany, Europe, and our NATO allies from Soviet communist aggression with troops and military bases.

Without America’s involvement in World War 2, and the blood and treasure we spent, Nazi Germany would have won the war. Without America’s continued support both Western Europe and West Germany would have been become Soviet satellite countries.

Selective Outrage

You will notice that Scheurle never has anything negative to say about communism or the 100 million people that were murdered by communists in the past century. To my knowledge, she has never condemned the German based Red Brigade, the Stasi East German secret police, or any other radical leftist terrorist group. Her silence is deafening. Physician, heal thyself!

During the recent anti-communist protests in Cuba, Scheurle was strangely silent. When a black man who supported Trump was brutally murdered, she was silent as well.

There is no subject in the universe that is off bounds for Scheurle who is a resident life coach for the Twitterverse:

Here Dr. Scheurle writes off the entire baby boom generation as mass-murderers. Given that Scheurle is a millennial, presumably her parents are baby boomers. I wonder if she’s accused them of killing the planet too?

Another thing that comes up in her bios is that she’s travelled the world. Newsflash: Traveling is an activity not an accomplishment.

Despite having no credentials on the subject, Scheurle is a also self-proclaimed expert on fascism because years of brainwashing from the German education system taught her how to spot fascism:

This is chilling. I wonder if the German education system tells students to snitch on their parents if they admit to liking Donald Trump or are against the influx of Muslim immigrants into their country? I doubt the German education system ever taught millennials like Scheurle how to spot Marxism or homegrown German Marxist terrorists like the Baader-Meinhof gang who were responsible for murdering 34 people and 296 bombings.

While her adopted province of British Columbia Canada endured record-breaking heatwaves, Scheurle couldn’t be bothered to post concern for the dead and those killed in the fires.

Geoff Keighley’s Future Class Rogue’s Gallery

One of the most pretentious and disgraceful examples of virtue signaling that I have ever seen is Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards Future Class. Ever a vigorous self-promoter, Canadian Keighley is the P.T. Barnum of the video industry.

The invented “future class” was awarded for people who have yet to accomplish anything. A perfect example of the millennial participation trophy mindset if I ever saw one.

Guess what veteran game designer managed to get inducted into Keighley’s prestigious Future Class? Jennifer Scheurle. The Future Class is supposed to be for up-and-coming developers, not established game designers like Scheurle. Of course, she leverages this dubious distinction on her Twitter profile banner. Now that she’s had this award removed, I wonder what she will replace it with?

Since the recent allegations of abuse, Scheurle has been removed from the Future Class an any mention of her has been scrubbed from the website. I fully expect most if not all her other questionable awards will be rescinded in the next few weeks.

All You Need to Know About Anarchists

Scheurle claims to be an anarchist. But those that spread the poisonous pipe dream of anarchy have never lived it. It’s as preposterous as a chef designing a banquet that’s never once bothered to taste his own food. Why should we trust them and replace our great civilization their unproven idea of Utopia?

Anarchy is a false and unsustainable Utopia. Nature abhors a vacuum. Eventually, whomever amasses enough power would take over the Utopia.

It’s easy to be an anarchist in a free country. It’s hard to be an anarchist in a totalitarian country.

In 1901, a self-avowed anarchist named Leon Czolgosz assassinated U.S. President William McKinley. In his first speech to Congress after the killing of McKinley, the new U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt strenuously denounced anarchists and their creed:

The anarchist, and especially the anarchist in the United States, is merely one type of criminal, more dangerous than any other because he represents the same depravity in a greater degree. The man who advocates anarchy directly or indirectly, in any shape or fashion, or the man who apologizes for anarchists and their deeds, makes himself morally accessory to murder before the fact.

The anarchist is a criminal whose perverted instincts lead him to prefer confusion and chaos to the most beneficent form of social order. His protest of concern for working men is outrageous in its impudent falsity; for if the political institutions of this country do not afford opportunity to every honest and intelligent son of toil, then the door of hope is forever closed against him. The anarchist is everywhere not merely the enemy of system and of progress, but the deadly foe of liberty. If ever anarchy is triumphant, its triumph will last for but one red moment, to be succeeded for ages by the gloomy night of despotism.

For the anarchist himself, whether he preaches or practices his doctrines, we need not have one particle more concern than for any ordinary murderer. He is not the victim of social or political injustice. There are no wrongs to remedy in his case. The cause of his criminality is to be found in his own evil passions and in the evil conduct of those who urge him on, not in any failure by others or by the State to do justice to him or his.

He is a malefactor and nothing else. He is in no sense, in no shape or way, a “product of social conditions,” save as a highwayman is “produced” by the fact than an unarmed man happens to have a purse. It is a travesty upon the great and holy names of liberty and freedom to permit them to be invoked in such a cause. No man or body of men preaching anarchistic doctrines should be allowed at large any more than if preaching the murder of some specified private individual. Anarchistic speeches, writings, and meetings are essentially seditious and treasonable.

Anarchy is a crime against the whole human race; and all mankind should band against the anarchist. His crime should be made an offense against the law of nations, like piracy and that form of man-stealing known as the slave trade; for it is of far blacker infamy than either. It should be so declared by treaties among all civilized powers. Such treaties would give to the Federal Government the power of dealing with the crime.

This great country will not fall into anarchy, and if anarchists should ever become a serious menace to its institutions, they would not merely be stamped out, but would involve in their own ruin every active or passive sympathizer with their doctrines. The American people are slow to wrath, but when their wrath is once kindled it burns like a consuming flame.

All you need to know about the true nature of anarchists was just revealed to you by the sobering admonitions of former president Theodore Roosevelt. And, this is precisely why German anarchist Jennifer Scheurle and her fellow civilizational jihadists hate America.

Most armchair anarchists would never last a day if real anarchy descended upon humanity. If the shit hit the fan, the anarchist would do the bum’s rush to the nearest police officer for assistance begging like a whimpering child. Thanks to social media, we have occupational fluidity where anyone can be whatever they claim to be. Today you can be an anarchist, tomorrow a life coach, next week a game designer, and so on.

Anarchists are civilizational termites and crypto communists whose sole purpose is to agitate, destabilize, and spread fear so the Marxist cleanup crew can come in and rebuild society. Anarchist is just a posh name for a malcontent. Anarchists were useful idiots to the bloodthirsty Russian Bolsheviks who used them as shock troops to bring about their satanic revolution. After the Russian Revolution Lenin the dictator ordered all the anarchists arrested, imprisoned, and shot. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

Evaluating Scheurle’s Game Design

As far as her game design acumen, Scheurle is a self-appointed expert on hidden game design and is working on a forthcoming book on the subject. Apparently hidden game design is so well hidden that I’ve never heard of the technique until I started researching this article. Although, she’s given talks about this technique there is no evidence she has invented any of these techniques.

Even though we live in an era where achievement-oriented min/maxing players obsess over deconstructing the mechanics and formulae that are used in their favorite games, there are many things about game design that are not revealed to players, nor should they be. These things should remain hidden from the public just like revealing magic tricks to the public is not good for the magic industry.

I have never played any of her games nor do I intend to. Like many other suspect female game developers, she’s all hat and no cattle. Having female genitalia is not an accomplishment and it doesn’t make you a good game designer.

Designers like Scheurle are typically trophy hires for game studios to show how woke they are. When she’s not ranting and raving against white male gamers and imaginary fascism, she’s a frequent panelist in the game dev conference circuits hosted by woke organizations GDC, PAX, and others. Real game devs don’t attend those conferences as they are too busy making real video games. Instead, the typical speaker and attendees are alphabet people and diversity and inclusion parasites who contribute little to nothing to the industry.

Here’s a picture of Scheurle lecturing Vicarious Visions (now owned by Blizzard Entertainment) studio employees in 2019:

It’s impossible to fairly evaluate her competency as a game designer because her flamboyant online political persona overshadows it. By day she’s a game developer, by night a crusading left-wing activist. When she was working at Bellevue WA based Arenanet, she falsely accused a man of being a white supremacist.

To this day, she has never apologized for her defamatory remarks.

NASA’s First E-Astronaut

Working with NASA is her claim to fame and she leverages that to great effect with her min/maxing skills. But she’s not an astronaut or a scientist. She didn’t work on the International Space Station. The company she worked for in Australia was hired by NASA to create a simulation. Using this logic, the people who sweep the floors and work at the cafeteria at NASA also “work with” NASA.

It’s disgraceful that a U.S. governmental agency like NASA who is funded by American tax dollars had to hire an Australian company to make a training simulation in the first place. There are plenty of studios in America that could have done the job.

Scheurle is Anti-American

Scheurle has consistently demonstrated via her tweets, that she’s an unhinged, uninformed, anti-American gadfly:

What she dismissively calls “childish garbage” is an accurate portrait of the real America that she knows nothing about. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are two of the greatest documents in the history of democracy. Scheurle is a whiney, spoiled, coddled, German brat that has no business commenting on our country’s history or any other country but her own. Shame on the ignorant people that have mollycoddled this person to undeserved heights of influence and power.

I know someone who spent a few months at a government-funded tech company in East Germany a few years ago. They were there on business. My friend remarked how there was someone wearing a Che Guevara (Fidel Castro’s right hand man and communist mass murderer who openly hated gays and blacks) t-shirt at the company and nobody seemed to mind. During their time there, they attended a general company meeting. To my friend’s shock, a young secretary in her 20s who had been working at the company for a month, got up, and admonished the CEO of the company for some perceived injustice. My friend and her fellow Americans in attendance were appalled at her behavior. Here you have this entitled women, who has contributed nothing to the company taking the male CEO (who’s put his entire life and savings into the firm) to task and trying to embarrass him. I got the impression that this kind off audacious behavior is standard procedure in Germany now. Perhaps, young German women are encouraged to behave in this childish and impetuous manner. This would be completely unacceptable behavior here in the USA

Game Devs Who are Infatuated with Scheurle

Since Scheurle is one of the darlings of the Twitter progressive echo chamber, many besotted game designers post on her threads to pay her fealty and genuflect before her clout.

What troubles me is that some game designers who I respect, follow her on Twitter and even quote her. For some reason, she’s bewitched them. Here’s an example of veteran developer Scott Hartsman’s interactions with Scheurle on Twitter:

Since the allegations of abuse surfaced other devs have since deleted their replies and re-Tweets concerning Scheurle. She’s Kryptonite now. I wonder if any of them had any knowledge of her radical, subversive past and her involvement with RIOT Kitchen?

Scheurle’s Role in the Shameful Cancellation of Nolan Bushnell

Scheurle’s witch hunt #metoo activism played a major role when the woke GDC organization withdrew the Pioneer Achievement award from industry titan Nolan Bushnell. Brad Glasgow (a real video game designer with real accomplishments) published a terrific article essay about this fiasco. Scheurle is not qualified to shine Nolan’s shoes or bring him coffee from Starbucks.

I’m sure Nolan Bushnell will smile a bit when he learns of Scheurle’s Future Class Award being rescinded. What goes around, comes around.

Arenanet Lets Scheurle Go

During her brief 9-month stint at Arenanet in Bellevue WA, she was a “lead game designer.” But, according to the Guild Was 2 wiki page she never worked on Guild Wars 2 and was working on an announced title that has since been cancelled. It would be interesting to see the quality of her work product while she was at Arenanet.

After her involvement with Riot Kitchen and her hostile remarks about Trump and America, she ended up losing her job in a conveniently timed studio reorganization. She complained on Twitter about her predicament and ended finding employment with another video game studio in woke Vancouver, B.C. called Blackbird Interactive.

Due to the recent scandal, I have a feeling she will be seeking new employment in the next few weeks. Maybe her home country will take her back and she find employment slinging beer at an Oktoberfest beer garden?

The Mainstream Media’s Darling

Scheurle is also adored by the corrupt mainstream media here in the USA. Glowing articles about her activism and her victimhood have appeared on CNN and The Verge. None of those news organizations — complicit in the manufacturing of Scheurle’s persona — couldn’t be bothered to to dig deep and investigate into her alleged connections to ANTIFA or BLM.

Scheurle’s Support for Insurrection in the USA

The ANTIFA/BLM block of Seattle streets where anarchy ruled for a few weeks called CHAZ thanks to the crypto-communist mayor Jenny Durkin, was a total disaster and ended up being responsible for the death of a young black American teen-ager. Scheurle was fully supportive of this insurrection by her fellow travelers and never apologized after the tragedy:

What happened in CHAZ was a catastrophe. Violent anarchist thugs destroyed a police station and took over a few square blocks of Seattle. As well as the tragic death of a young black teen-ager, other people were attacked and sexually assaulted in CHAZ. Looking down from her ivory tower, ever the anarchist apologist, Scheurle had no idea what really happened at CHAZ yet she shamelessly promoted its virtues to her forty-one thousand gullible followers.

The dystopian horror of CHAZ is only a taste of what true anarchy would be. Anarchy is lawlessness and chaos. Anyone that promotes any form of anarchy is an enemy of humanity and civilization.

Scheurle’s Questionable United States O-1 Visa

The Verge article relevels that Scheurle successfully obtained a O-1 Visa that enables her to live and work in the USA for a period of 3

Although this visa is supposed to be very rare and only reserved for individuals that have extraordinary ability or achievement like Nobel prizewinners, famous actors, and musicians, many entertainment companies are using this VISA to fast track their recruits.

According to this article a person can not apply for the O-1 visa themselves, their future employer has to make the application. Clearly, someone at ArenaNet was her sugar daddy and promptly hired a legal firm to craft the O-1 Visa application and fast track it.

The question is why would someone at ArenaNet think that Scheurle with such a small level of achievements and body of work, is so important to go to all the trouble of applying for an expensive and hard to obtain O-1 visa? She had zero experience with MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2 or World of Warcraft. What skills did she have that they found it necessary to go the extra mile to apply for this visa?

Another question is this: If Scheurle is such an internationally recognized superstar video game designer, why then wouldn’t they keep her instead of letting her go during the alleged studio layoffs in 2020? This makes no sense.

Would an American opera house fire Luciano Pavarotti in a standard restructuring layoff, when he was granted a special O-1 visa the year before? Of course not.

Something doesn’t add up. I suspect a shadowy rich benefactor has been opening doors and pulling strings for her all along.

It’s not clear how many people were actually laid off by Arenanet in the so-called “layoffs” leading one to speculate that layoffs were used as a tactic for Scheurle to save face and avoid the stigma of being fired.

I believe what happened is that Scheurle’s outrageous extra-curricular activities started bringing some serious heat upon the Bellevue studio and it embarrassed them to the point that they used “layoffs” as a way to get rid of her.

There are only a handful of distinguished foreign video game designers that could even hope to qualify for the highly coveted O-1 visa. The only foreign game designers I can think of to fit this very high bar would be Shigeru Miyamoto, Markus Persson, Peter Molyneux, and maybe a few more. There is no question that Scheurle is not even in the same league as these game designers, not even close.

Even Wikipedia Failed to Find Scheurle Notable

It’s also quite interesting that Scheurle has no Wikipedia page. As Wikipedia is run and staffed by hardcore leftists who promote fellow leftists, as I have shown in the past it’s quite easy for mediocre leftist women with marginal accomplishments to get Wikipedia pages. If the far left who controls Wikipedia doesn’t think she’s deserving of a page, that’s says all you need to know about her noteworthiness.

A Child of the German Protest Movement

In the CNN article, she reveals that before emigrating to Australia and the USA, she’s was part of the protest movement in Berlin:

Jennifer Scheurle, a German immigrant living in Bellevue on a work visa, says she has always been a politically engaged person, especially having participated in Berlin’s strong protest culture prior to arriving in the United States. The Black Lives Matter movement inspired her, but when things turned violent, she was forced to reconcile that with the realities of her visa status.

Here’s Scheurle complaining about the hardships of being a protestor in a foreign country:

I talked to my family and my partner about whether or not it’s worth it for me to protest in person and risk the visa. We came to a conclusion that it would be detrimental to my personal well-being and my effectiveness here in the US, if I go back to Germany,” she said.

What is German protest culture?

The first important postwar citizen activism in West German began in the late 1960s. The student movement in the West criticized what many saw as the perceived authoritarianism and hypocrisy of the government, combined with the failure of their parents’ generation to adequately deal with the country’s Nazi past.

The student movement led to further social activism and changes in values, from the gay rights movement, to the sexual revolution and the founding of the Green Party.

The Soviet Union and Red China financed the so-called student movements and the anti-Vietnam war movements in the 1960s.

Of particular interest, the student movement in East Germany was said to have been formed as a grass roots reaction to the shooting of a East German student named Benno Ohnesorg by Karl-Heinz Kurras a West German police offer. It has since been revealed that Kurras was a East German spy working for the Stasi — the dreaded East German secret police.

So the entire foundation of the East German student protest movement was based on a communist concocted lie.

Here are some shocking truths about German protest culture: according to the Daily Mail who reported on an article in German newspaper Bild, 92% of German protestors live at home with their parents and one in three are unemployed. This suggests that the majority are basement dwelling spoiled brats who are living on the hard work of other people.

How exactly did a German national nobody get visas to work in Australia, USA, and finally Canada? What was so special about her?


With the exception of Geoff Keighley, Jennifer Scheurle is the probably the most over-rated and over-celebrated video game personality in the brief checkered history of the video game industry.

We live in an age where having the correct identity and checking off the right diversity boxes is paramount. As the realm of video games has become more ubiquitous and popular, various charlatans and hucksters have slithered out of the woodwork and have gravitated to the industry to cash in.

I have a theory that at the beginning the male-dominated industry thought it was a feather in their cap to have more woman around. Computer nerds finally felt like jocks for a change. It was a sign of validation for nerd culture. But then as more women starting demanding feminist tropes and representation, a few of the men soon realized it was a deadly Trojan Horse. One only must look at the current state of Blizzard to see how the pink-haired, pansexual, pronouns-in- their-bio feminists and smirking alphabet people have taken over the studio.

The average game designer is not a vain, power hungry, e-celeb who has tens of thousands of thirsty followers on Twitter. Real game designers don’t have the time or inclination to travel the globe speaking at conferences and giving interviews to the media on non-game topics. The typical game designer works awfully hard behind the scenes designing games that hopefully players will enjoy. Most are too busy to become e-celebs.

In all my years of writing about the video game industry, I have never seen a group of undeserving people who have benefited so much from achieving so little. Merit and talent no longer seem to matter as video game studios routinely hire woke women as virtue signaling trophies to appease the handful of their activist friends on Twitter and as eye candy for lecherous middle-aged boomer executives who have too much money to burn.

Scheurle is the Milli Vanilli of game design. Her resume is laughably thin with no tangible body of work to properly evaluate and scrutinize. None of her games are on Metacritic. In addition, no sales figures are available for any of the games she’s worked on. She has two underwhelming mentions on MobyGames (the IMDB of the gaming industry), one is for being a tester on an obscure 2013 German game called Night of the Rabbit and the other was an “additional thanks” mention in the credits for Hand of Fate 2 game produced in Australia. Additional thanks mentions in video game credits are usually reserved for pizza delivery guys, food caterers, and pets.

Her main claim to fame is working on the “award-winning” EarthLight simulator for NASA. This is not really a game but more of a training aid and simulator for astronauts. It’s not even clear what she did on the project. Scheulre has milked the NASA connection for every drop and then some. Her talent for self-promotion is inversely proportional to her actual accomplishments.

It’s well past time for someone to do an expose on the fake but lucrative awards industry where you can purchase awards for a fee and gain instant recognition and fame that you can leverage to pad your resume.

If you’re a game designer and you’ve got extra bandwidth to spend hours each day organizing protests and posting on Twitter, you’re not living the life of a typical designer that spends up to 16 hours a day working on a game development and making sure their game meets mutually agreed upon milestones. You’d have to have the stamina of a Navy Seal, a genius level IQ and only need 4 hours of sleep each night to even attempt to pull this off.

Scheurle is like a changeling that can assume a myriad of roles. She has recently become a Twitter den mother for woke game devs who come to her Twitter feed for validation and comfort. She’s also taken upon herself the mantle of a game dev community organizer and often wails about the lack of diversity, inclusion and representation and the so-called awful treatment of women in the industry.

Pro tip for women: if you don’t like the industry, then please leave or go create your own industry.

Perhaps her most dramatic role is that of the damsel in distress on Twitter. She often complains about how awful and unfair the video games industry is which is something I agree with 100% but this is not a secret as everyone in the industry knows this. She uses this technique to gain sympathy from her followers and smitten fellow game designers who want to bask in the glow of her approval.

What really is both fascinating and scary is that Scheurle has created a cult of personality for herself. The most bizarre thing is that game developers both young and old, stop by her Twitter feed and genuflect before her to steal some clout in an effort to give their careers more relevance by rubbing shoulders with an edgy anarcho-communist game designer. It’s all symbolic of course, but troubling nonetheless.

In 10 years I highly doubt Scheurle will be wasting her time pretending to be a game designer. Her voracious ego won’t be able to survive on the meagre scraps of being a mere game designer. By then she’ll tired of globe-trotting and will return to Deutschland and will be involved in some kind of NGO or working as a paid activist for non-profit, or a hard-left foundation financed by George Soros or any number of leftist billionaires.

Normally, I would never author an article about a person that is inconsequential to the craft of game design. But when I recently found out about her mean-spirited #metoo bandwagon attack on Nolan Bushnell, I changed my mind. Bushnell is a giant in the video game industry who coined the term: easy to play, hard to master which was used by many video game companies including Blizzard as a foundational philosophy of game design. I wrote one of my first articles on Nolan Bushnell. If they can cancel him, they can cancel anybody.

Scheurle may be a good or even great video game designer but we’ll never know because she’s got more baggage than the LAX airport. She’s intentionally allowed her political and social persona to eclipse her career and has painted herself into a tiny corner of her own making. Like many on the left, it seems her whole purpose in life is waiting to find something to be offended about. When she does, she immediately runs to Twitter to save the day and feed the insatiable appetites of her outraged starved followers so she can be seen to be a champion of the marginalized and disenfranchised.

It boggles the mind how an ungrateful German national is invited into the USA as a guest and repays our nation by constantly attacking it. She NEVER critiques Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, narco regimes, brutal African regimes, or Islamic theocracies. Instead, she saves her selective outrage only for America. She never mentions the good that Americans have done over the years — including saving Germany from real fascism and communism — like a good little leftist, she only mentions their failures.

Although she claims that America is a facist nation, why is it that she voluntarily worked on a project for NASA which is a governmental agency run by a fascist country? Why also would she willingly emigrate to a fascist country? If the United States were truly a fascist country as anti-American radical Scheurle claims, she would probably have been arrested and imprisoned without a trial for her involvement with Riot Kitchen during the BLM and ANTIFA riots of 2020.

Would a fascist country allow freedom of speech for people like Scheurle to continue criticize the country with impunity? Of course not.

The truth is that America is not a fascist nation by design or in actuality. Anyone who believes this is delusional and a liar. Scheurle doesn’t really believe this at all because she voted with her pocketbook and her feet and willingly came to America to seek fame and fortune. If she is not telling the truth about America, what else is she not telling the truth about?

People like Jennifer Scheurle are not the real problem, they are but one of the many symptoms of the real problem. In a sane world, a person like Scheurle could never rise to the level of influence that she currently enjoys with established game designers swooning over her every word. But this is not a normal world where common sense and natural law prevail.

Every game developer, every Twitter activist, and every powerful person who helped construct the legend of Jennifer Scheurle bears responsibility and is complicit for the woke Frankenstein monster they helped create. Expect many more Frankenstein monsters to surface in the weeks and months ahead as more chickens come home to roost in an industry enslaved to the scourge of identity politics.

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