The Queering of Hollywood

Every traditional culture warrior needs to keep abreast of the latest terms in order to do battle. One of the newest terms is queer. Once upon a time, the term was used rather innocently to denote something as being weird, unusual, or off-kilter. Eventually, it became a slur used against homosexuals. After the AIDs crisis of the 1980s, the gay rights movement decided to rehabilitate the term and so the activist group Queer Nation was born.

Today, the term queer is the “Q” in the LGBTQ acronym. Queer is both an idealogy and an alternative movement of people that believe they don’t fit into traditional sex roles. Queerness doesn’t stop in the bedrooms of non-heterosexual people. Queerness or queer theory is much like wokeness. It’s a rebellious lifestyle/ideology/religion that is relentlessly promoted by its followers who are predominately cat-loving obese females.

For the past 7 years or even longer, queer ideology has spread from the dark chambers of American colleges into the entertainment industry at large. Most new literary writers are women. Most are feminists with a significant percentage who identify as queer. This trend has infiltrated Hollywood as almost all new films have subversive queer themes where non-traditional male and female relationships have been replaced with lesbian relationships.

The problem is that LGBTQ people constitute 3-4% of the population in America and probably less around the world when you take into account non-white audiences who are less modernized. Most people don’t want to see gay or lesbian relationships on television and in films, because they are unnatural and contrary to traditional values. Given this constant stream of Hollywood degeneracy, is easy to comprehend why so many people around the world seem to hate America.

It gets worse, now queer relationships are being featured while traditional ones are being removed or being shown as dysfunctional. As a result, audiences can’t relate to them. This is a recipe for disaster and explains why many new Hollywood offerings have flopped.

Another common problem is that queer activist writers have turned fictional LGBTQ couples into paragons of virtue — with no character flaws — perfect in every way. This is despite the fact that lesbian couples have far higher rates of domestic violence than heterosexual couples. LGBTQ characters come off as being fake and Mary/Gary Sues. Instead of humanizing queer people, they have dehumanized them by turning them into statues, idols, and mannequins.

It’s worth noting that LGBTQ characters are rarely portrayed as villains because queer activists only want good representation. Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.

In the past, TV and Hollywood writers came from the ranks of everyday people who lived and worked with normal people. They experience the rigors of life with its wide spectrum of human emotions. The truly gifted among their ranks had the ability to write about the human experience and their stories were relatable to wide audiences.

Today, the average female Hollywood writer lives in a bubble of esotericism and modernity. They rarely talk to real people face-to-face. Instead, they communicate with others through social media. They are intellectually and spiritually crippled. They are perpetual children with daddy issues, desperately trying to scratch out some semblance of relevance in a topsy-turvy world where victimhood is currency. These are the last people that should be writing about anything, let alone scripts for TV and film.

Compelling characters need to have personal growth and character arcs to be believable and interesting. Not so with queer characters as they are perfect and consequently have no hero’s journey to embark on. Audiences recoil when idealogy repaces entertainment and when they feel they are being preached to.

Video games have also embraced the insanity of queerness. Blizzard’s Overwatch is a prime example of this and features Tracer, a lesbian Mary Sue with no faults.

One of my favorite YouTube culture critics is Echo Chamberlain. His recent video entitled: “Hollywood’s new gay exceptionalist” is the basis for this article and is well worth watching for a deep dive into this trend.

If you want to understand what the abomination of queer theory is all about, watch James Lindsay’s videos that fully deconstruct this dangerous idealogy.


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