Amazon Bans the Books of Catholic Author Dr E. Michael Jones for Speaking Truth to Power

The golden era of free speech in America is effectively over. Speaking truth to power will no longer be tolerated as the rich and powerful cultural Marxists have taken over almost every institution. When the strong and powerful speak, it’s called social justice. When the weak and powerless speak, it’s called hate speech.

The Republican party, Conservative Inc., academia and even the churches have failed to protect the fundamental human right of liberty in a country founded on the idea with liberty and justice for all.

In America, you are no longer allowed to think for yourself. You must obey and repeat the mindless slogans that the Marxists have approved. Anyone that dares to resist or dissent, is quickly denounced, depersoned, deleted, and prohibited from earning a living. Proceed to the Logan’s Run carousel immediately!

Today, I learned the shocking news the Dr. E. Michael Jones’s books are no longer for sale on Amazon. Here he is in his own words explaining what happened:

As you can see below, E. Michael Jones videos are no longer available on YouTube for the typical false reasons.

You can now watch this video on E. Michael Jones video on BitChute:

In a world of cowards, Dr. E. Michael Jones is a rare truth warrior.

The global elites and the usual suspects are so afraid of him that they forced Wikipedia to delete the entry they had for him. He’s now being memory holed.

I urge everyone to subscribe to his monthly periodical Culture Wars and if you really want to figure out what is really behind the dysfunction in our world, check out his many fine books — while you still can — at his Fidelity Press website.

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