Seattle Based Darigold Virtue Signals with Woke Eggnog Packaging

Ever since the tragic death of George Floyd this past summer, American corporations have spared no expense to virtue signal their “white guilt” over slavery and the perennially wretched state of black people in America. The official media approved party line in our culture is that all the problems of black people are due to systemic racism and white supremacy.

Regardless of whether it is true or not, companies have been falling over themselves trying to outdo each other with more cheap pandering to the black demographic as if symbolism and lip service will solve their problems. It won’t.

Let’s be honest: they really don’t care about black people; they just want everything to think that they do. If they truly cared about black people and black children, they would do everything that they could about stopping the barbaric procedure of abortion which affects the black community disproportionately. According to Dr. Alveda King niece of the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.: “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”

In truth, the virtue signaling by white progressives is mainly done for their own selfish reasons. It is done to tell other white progressives that they are on the same team. It’s an insidious kind of cultural groupthink and pseudo moral tribalism.

As a result, beleaguered American consumers are faced with the depiction of obligatory black faces on almost every product, service and entertainment offering. Yawn. Black is not only beautiful, it’s now mandatory in corporate America.

Have you seen this woman?

Of course you have. She’s everywhere. This image has become the de facto image that almost every corporation in America flaunts in their promotional imagery. She’s young, attractive, cheerful, non-threatening, wholesome, and approachable. Even more important: she’s black. Chances are you’ll be seeing much more of her as the scourge of wokeness continues to grip Western civilization.

If aliens intercepted broadcast transmissions from the year 2020, they would think that America is a predominately black country. Despite their preposterous over-representation in all forms of media, blacks only account for 13.4% of the U.S. population.

Even the Christmas classic beverage eggnog is now woke thanks to Seattle-based Darigold who has put a strange picture of a black family cavorting in the snow with a snowman on the packaging of Darigold Classic Egg Nog.

It’s not just any black man, it’s a skinny black man with a beard and an afro. I’m shocked that they didn’t put a hijab on his wife or “partner” or whatever she/he is. Maybe both are transgender. I’m equally shocked that the snowman in the picture is white. Subconscious racism rears its ugly head.

Having a black family enjoying the winter snow is not exactly a “classic” image one associates with egg nog or Christmas. At least the black man and woman in the image seem happy and are apparently together raising their black children. This is in stark contrast to the scourge of single black mothers raising their children without the father of the child being present. It is estimated that 72%-77% of all black children are born out of wedlock. Being born out of wedlock almost guarantees a child a future life of suffocating poverty.

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I may be mistaken but I do not believe that black people in Africa or the West Indies typically drink eggnog at Christmas. Drinking eggnog is a tradition among white people just as drinking malt liquor is a tradition for black people. This is shameless cultural appropriation that is somehow okay when the left does it but unacceptable when anyone else does it.

Maybe Darigold should have created a BLM friendly version of Eggnog with the addition of chocolate?

What’s next? Will Kentucky Fried Chicken make Colonel Sanders black because not enough black people are eating chicken? Anything is possible in this sick and twisted world.

This kind of shallow virtue signaling is a tradition in the Northwest. Seattle ACT theatre routinely has actors of various races playing white roles in Charles Dickens’s treasured classic “A Christmas Carol.” Charles Dickens is rolling over in his grave in Westminster Abbey.

I wonder how it would go over if white actors were allowed to act in The Lion King? You already know the answer.

Darigold is just another American corporation that is latched on to the values marketing craze. Almost every sentence on their site contains the trendy cliche stewardship. I hate to break the news to you but nobody really cares Darigold, all they want is dairy products that taste good.

Go to their website and you’ll see that they make every effort to put minorities in their corporate imagery and hide their white employees in the background.

Nothing is sacred to the left. Nothing. Even a classic Christmas drink has now become politicized thanks to the cultural vandals at Darigold.

I’m sure that by Christmas 2021 the “racist” white people on the sleigh will be finally removed and replaced by two homosexuals kissing. No level of depravity is out of the question in the boardrooms of woke corporate America.

One thing that the diversity and inclusion hucksters in corporate America can never take away are all the treasured memories I have of Christmas with my family back in Canada.

While it’s still legal, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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