Magnificent Unearthed EverQuest Next Concept Art from 2017

The cancellation of the ambitious EverQuest Next MMORPG in 2016 was a dagger in the heart for many loyal EverQuest fans. While the voxel technology didn’t pan out, there was still many features of EQ Next that promised to push the genre forward.

Recently while scanning Artstation for an upcoming project, I came upon some stunning concept art that Daybreak Games commissioned for EverQuest Next from artist Benoit Bernard. Here are some large thumbnails of the art:

image ©Daybreak Games
Qeynos Hills
Jaggedpine Forest


As you can see, this man created some remarkable biomes for EQ Next!

This gifted artist really did justice to the look, feel and the magic of the Norrath that we all know and love. I hope Darkpaw Games will use this artwork at the inspiration for some future incarnation of EverQuest.