More Brazen Mockery of the Roman Catholic Faith in Blizzard’s Disturbing Diablo IV Rogue Reveal Video

At the recent BlizzConline, Blizzard Entertainment released a dark and edgy reveal trailer for their new Rogue class for the upcoming Diablo IV video game.

The opening scene in the video takes places in what looks like a traditional pre-Vatican 2 gothic Roman Catholic Church. A “priest” is hearing “confession” in the pews from a woman sitting behind him. Suddenly the rogue character — naturally a strong independent angry woman — takes the penitent’s place and the priest becomes aware of the switch. Everything is predictably Hollywood until the female “girl power” rogue gives the priest a severed ear and we cut to a demo of the new rogue in some Diablo IV gameplay.

At the end of the video, the scene returns to the priest in the church. He ambles up to the altar and unlocks a container that looks exactly like a sacred tabernacle where the consecrated body of Christ is stored in every Roman Catholic church.

Here is a photo of a baroque Roman Catholic tabernacle, note how similar this is to the Diablo IV version complete with keyhole:

Here is the image of the Diablo IV “tabernacle that has a medieval gothic vibe:

This final scene in the video, is a disturbing mockery of the Roman Catholic tabernacle which has existed for over a thousand years in every Roman Catholic church. Instead of containing the precious body of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Blizzard has deemed fit to replace them with severed ears.

Another reference to the Roman Catholic church, is a poorly disguised Christian cross complete with stained glass.

Combine this latest disrespect with their previous mockery of the Blessed Virgin Mary using their demonic Lilith character. I am beginning to wonder if there’s a practicing Satanist working in the Blizzard Diablo lore department? What other explanation can there be?

Do you ever wonder why Satanists don’t waste their time mocking other religions and instead only target the Roman Catholic Church with acts of desecration?

They mock and persecute the Roman Catholic Church because it is the one true faith that has been given supernatural power by God Almighty to stand against them. Like the Satanists, the demons know this all too well. Every soul is precious and every soul they can snatch for their dark master, is one less soul that will be spending eternity in Heaven with God.

Not only are Satanists mocking the Roman Catholic church, Christians are the most persecuted people in the world, including Communist China where Blizzard does business. According to the BBC, persecution of Christians around the globe is at near genocide levels. But Blizzard doesn’t care, all the care about is money and identity politics posturing.

With Blizzard’s recent promotion of sodomy and other sexual vices via the immoral and disordered LGBTQ lifestyle both in their video games and in their studio, and their long-standing business relationship with the brutal communist Chinese regime — who are also master thieves who steal untold billions of dollars of intellectual property — Blizzard has demonstrated by their actions that they are ungodly and are under demonic influence. Blizzard games reach millions of players and the imagery that they create has the power to subtly warp their minds and distract them from becoming virtuous and holy which are both pre-conditions for eternal salvation.

Like the Father of Lies, the demonically obsessed Blizzard are chronic liars and plagiarists. They borrow and steal when they create video games and then slap on the imprimatur of the Blizzard logo. With the promotional media for Diablo IV, they are not even trying to hide their revulsion for Jesus, His Church and Christians.

Some may claim that I’m being ridiculous or sensational in the vein of an attention seeking buffoon like Jack Thompson. I’m deadly serious. Since the fall of Lucifer from Heaven there has been an ongoing spiritual battle between good and evil. While in a jail cell in Rome, St. Paul wrote a letter to the Ephesians and warned them of this:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Blizzard has borrowed much of their lore from the Old Testament for the Diablo series. They of all people should know that in the real world as in the world of Diablo, there is a supernatural war going on. How they can be so blind with the evidence in front of them, is baffling. There are only two possibilities as to what is really going on at Blizzard Entertainment. Either they are knowingly or unknowingly treading on the dangerous ground of mocking the Roman Catholic Church. In both cases, this is the result of demonic influence.

The devil and his demons are going to use every trick in the book to corrupt the minds of people in order to turn them away from God. What better way than to control popular culture in Western civilization?

Even if you do not believe in God, the fact that the Diablo IV team is so bereft of creative people that can come up with original lore on their own is troubling. Not only is it cultural plagiarism, stealing directly from Roman Catholic beliefs, architecture, and liturgy, a glaring sign of artistic laziness, it is also needlessly denigrates and mocks people of my faith.

Blizzard would never dare to mock LGBTQ people or people of the Muslim, Jewish, or any other faith. Blizzard like the demonic, have a special hatred toward Christians. Using someone’s sincerely held real worth beliefs and twisting it for the purposes of entertainment is stupid and foolish but Blizzard and the Diablo IV creative team believes they can get away with it.

The Diablo series never gives glory to God, instead it celebrates and delights in a fantasy world riddled with pervasive evil.

Jesus asked us to pray for our enemies. All of us should be praying for an end to the demonic infestation that is oppressing Activision-Blizzard and most other video game studios.

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