Loyal Lifetime Gamer has Finally Had Enough of Anti-White Woke Gaming Studios

I just watched this remarkable video from a courageous 37 year old man named Krist who runs a gaming and streaming channel on YouTube. Like many gamers, he’s horrified by the virtue signaling gaming studios that openly support/fund anti-white Marxist BLM and ANFIFA terrorists who’ve been rioting, looting, and agitating for the past few weeks in America and around the world.

It looks Marxists busybodies have been trying to ratio his YouTube video with no success. Undeterred, he replies about the value of truth.

The tide is turning.

The destruction and savagery we witnessed in the last few weeks has woken most people up. More people are becoming red pilled to the lies of Marxist and post-modernist propaganda.

I found an amazing YouTuber called Dr. Karlyn Borysenko who is also exposing the social justice cult. Here she is interviewing an ex-SJW Keri Smith:

We need to support more brave men and women like Kris and Karlyn. We are on the side of right. We are standing up for Western civilization.


Of course you’ll have enemies. But every person that disagrees with you because you speak the truth, you’ll gain 10 new friends that are emboldened by your courage. Even better, when you tell the truth, you are on the side of God and the angels. You will gain treasure in Heaven.

I have a Trump bumper sticker and I live in the Seattle area — the most Marxist part of the USA. I get people coming up to me all the time wanting to shake my hand for supporting Trump but they are too afraid to publicly state this.

There are far more of us than there are of them.

Stop being a simp, a coward, a beta male, a well-behaved timid child. Man up, woman up, stand up and tell the truth. If we don’t act now, things will get only get worse.

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