Former President Trump’s Inexcusable Lack of Loyalty to His Supporters

I’m going to tell you the truth about President Donald J. Trump as I see it. From 2015, I was a die-hard supporter of Donald Trump’s political ambitions. At the time, he was the only candidate speaking truth to power and voicing righteous outrage over issues that concern many Americans.

When he was elected president it seemed like a miracle. After years of divisive Democratic and milquetost Republican presidents, we finally had a man of the people that wasn’t afraid to champion the concerns of the common man. I even wrote an article trying to explain the reasons why he got elected.

I campaigned for Trump in both elections. I had Trump bumper stickers and huge Trump flags on my vehicle. I spent hours driving around my Washington state town promoting Trump and getting out the message. In a world gone mad with identity politics, Trump seemed like the last best hope for America.

Throughout his presidency, he started to show some disappointing character traits. He has many virtues but also many faults. One glaring fault is his lack of loyalty. It soon became obvious that Trump failed to reciprocate the passion and loyalty that his supporters gave him.

While Trump’s base were viciously mocked, attacked, beaten and even murdered, the former president never went out of his way to help them or even console them or their families. Ann Coulter has mentioned his chronic disloyalty in many of her columns. She even wrote a glowing book about Trump called “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” For daring to call out Trump on the fact that he wasn’t keeping his promises to his base, he called her “whacky nut job”.

She then replied with this:

I don’t agree with Ann Coulter all the time but in this instance she was right.

After the false flag “insurrection” at the Capitol Building Jan. 6 orchestrated by the far left and using ANTIFA members dressed up as Trump supporters, hundreds of Trump supporters are rotting in jail with no bail thanks to the corruption and politicization of the Justice Department. Trump organized the rally and a million people showed up. I believe he has a responsibility to directly help and assist the people that attended on his behalf.

Why hasn’t Trump spoken out about their cruel and unusual treatment?

Why hasn’t he offered legal and financial assistance to them?

Why hasn’t Trump spoken out in support of Kyle Rittenhouse?

Why hasn’t Trump spoken out about the state sponsored murder of Ashli Babbitt by a trigger happy black Capital Hill police officer?

Why hasn’t Trump spoken out about the how American children are being mutilated by gender reassignment surgery?

Then there is his inexplicable tone deaf pardons. Instead of pardoning jailed conservatives and Trump supporters, he pardoned worthless black rappers instead.

Just days before, Tucker Carlson pleaded with him to pardon Julian Assange but Trump refused.


In retrospect, Trump was a larger than life, charismatic leader with many flaws. We supporters overlooked those flaws because we believed that deep down, here was a man that was one of us. We projected on to him our hopes and dreams. We wanted to believe that he cared about America just as much as we cared about America. In the end he cared mostly about himself.

I often thought that the Trump presidency was an expensive wedding gift to his daughter Ivanka. Progressive Jared Kushner was running the Trump administration in the background all along and he conveniently got all his personal agendas through but ignored the will of Trump’s base. Ivanka got to tour the world in Air Force One and thanks to nepotism, she too became an advisor in the White House with her own office and staff — all because her daddy became president.

In all of this, President Donald Trump was his own worst enemy. I can forgive him his egoism, his constant bragging, his selfishness, his long-winded and self-serving speeches, but not his chronic disloyalty to the working class people that elected him. His lack of compassion for his base is inexcusable. He betrayed us and he continues to betray us as he sits on his golden throne in Mar-a-Lago.

Not only was the former president disloyal, he was bad judge of people. Trump sold himself as a brilliant CEO because of his The Apprentice TV show but in reality he was terrible at hiring loyal people. Trump cared more about how people looked as if he was casting a movie, then their actual intrinsic character. In the final analysis, perception is not reality. Trump constantly hired disloyal people — even his own vice-president — which undermined his agenda and the people that voted for him. His bumbling incompetence wasted 4 years of his presidency and did not serve him well when he had no loyal staff to help him when was unfairly attacked for the Russian collusion hoax and the impeachment charade.

We must never forget that the deck was stacked against Trump from the beginning. Every institution in America was against him and most of the world too. How one man could withstand that pressure is a modern day miracle. Maybe that unrelenting pressure caused him to be disloyal. I’m not sure.

The world loved Trump before he got into politics. The concerted world-wide attack against Trump was really not against him, it was against the people that elected him. Perhaps the lasting legacy is that Trump was a metaphorical bug zapper that attracted all the flies of the global elite, anti-American left, the Deep State, the corrupt media, the Marxist academia, woke corporations and their henchmen. Somehow he drew them out of the woodwork and their true evil nature has been revealed for all.

If it’s any consolation, the America First movement that Trump started is more important than Trump in the long run.

The election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency was not really about Trump, it was more about how America’s political system and both mainline parties have become so corrupt and dysfunctional that fed up Americans eagerly sent the powers that be, a strong message of repudiation. The sad reality is that the D.C. swamp hasn’t gotten the message and it’s business as usual. Expect another strong message in the next presidential election but that one will probably be stolen as well.

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