Justin Trudeau and His Government Prevents Grieving Son from Attending Funeral of His Canadian Father

A few weeks ago, my father passed away after a long illness. Due to my vaccination status and the fact that I reside in the U.S.A, the Canadian government unfairly denied my application to attend his funeral in the province of Ontario.

When we should have been grieving, we were instead forced to spend about 8 hours researching complex Canadian law. Eventually, we were confident enough to fill out the application and included full details of every location that my wife and I would visit on our trip while in Canada. The application was denied by a faceless and nameless Canadian bureaucrat who failed to tell us what was lacking in the application and they glibly urged us to apply again. Due to the funeral being held in a few days, it would be impossible to purchase airline tickets and attend if we got a successful result.

We explained our situation to our other family members who still live in Canada and one of them explained to us that the Canadian bureaucrats have been expressly instructed by officials to reject *all* applications for people outside of Canada travelling to Canada who have not been vaccinated with the experimental COVID-19 drug.

I have an auto-immune disease and am on medication for it. I am also a devout Roman Catholic who believes that taking the vaccine is immoral. I also do not believe the vaccine has been properly tested. For all of those legitimate reasons, I have decided not to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Losing a parent is one of the most traumatic things a person can ever experience. Justin Trudeau and his government callously prevented me from returning to Canada, the country of my youth, to bury my father and console my mother, brothers, and sisters.

Millions of people needlessly died due to the COVID-19 virus which was most likely concocted in a Communist Chinese laboratory in Wuhan as a bio-weapon, and purposely spread around the world. Millions of people died alone as terrified parents, spouses and siblings were not allowed to see them in the hospital. How government leaders, officials and bureaucrats behaved during this pandemic has been shameful and disgraceful.

People like myself who have made the personal decision to not have an experimental injection put into our bodies, have been stigmatized by them and told that we are “anti-vaxxers”, Trump supporters or white supremacists. A person’s vaccination status is now being used by nefarious people in power to profile their political enemies and people that they deem are deplorable or sub-human.

The very same people that endlessly lecture us about tolerance and kindness have allowed this to happen and sadly millions of people have gone along with this madness.

I am writing this article to speak on behalf of the thousands of voiceless people that have been denied the God-given right to attend the funeral of their loved ones. You are not alone. Rest assured that justice will be come for the perpetrators, if not in this lifetime, then the next.

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