Is Tucker Carlson Network Employee Carter Andrews Bullying Small YouTube Content Creators?

From the No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Department comes a tip from a patriotic reader who reached out to me with a story about a bully who works for Tucker Carlson’s newly minted Tucker Carlson Network which was launched on December 13, 2023. To avoid further persecution of this reader, I’ve agreed not to publish his name. Let’s just call him Brent.

Brent is disabled and lives on a small pension. He runs a small unmonetized YouTube channel that covers American politics from a conservative angle. Like many like-minded conservatives, he is a big fan of Tucker Carlson. Since Tucker was fired from FoxNews, Carlson has been posting video interviews on Elon Musks’s X social media platform.

Since Carlson didn’t have a YouTube presence, Brent and other conservatives were re-posting Carlson’s interviews to spread Tucker’s insightful interviews to greater audiences. Other YouTubers such as Benny Johnson were also posting Tucker on X video interviews in full on their own YouTube channels. Brent’s channel never received any complaints until the formation of the Tucker Carlson Network (TCN).

As soon as the network was formed, TCN created a YouTube channel where Tucker’s content was being uploaded. According to Social Blade, Carlson is earning an estimated maximum of $1.1 million a year on YouTube for his brand new channel in addition to the revenues he is earning from publishing on X and selling memberships on TCN.

Instead of reaching out to him and requesting that he remove the videos, my source claims that without any warning he received a copyright strike from YouTube. Receiving a copyright strike on YouTube is a very serious matter that can result in your channel being deleted after a 3rd strike, as I mentioned before, Brent told me he was not making any money from the Tucker videos he was mirroring.

One candidate at the Tucker Carlson Network who might be responsible for initiating this strike is Carter Andrews who according to his LinkedIn profile is an employee and has the title Social Video Strategist. Tucker Carlson’s wife’s surname is Andrews too, I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Now that disgraced RINO coward Mike Pence has abandoned his run for president, he’s no longer useful to name drop, so this might explain Carter’s new edgier LinkedIn profile header:

YouTube told Brent that he should contact carter@TCNetwork to request a retraction of the strike. The only Carter working at TCN appears to be Carter Andrews. Below is a screenshot of his copyright strike which confirms the email address:

I’ve done some research and it seems that Benny Johnson’s YouTube channel has not received any copyright strikes from TCN’s Carter Andrews even though he’s blatantly copied Tucker Carlson’s content and presumably making money from the views he’s getting from his videos.

Here’s a shocker, Tucker Carlson and Benny Johnson are good friends. This must be the reason that millionaire Benny was allowed to mirror Tucker’s content and nobodies like Brent were not.

According to Social Blade, Benny Johnson is earning up to $6 million per year from his YouTube channel, so he needs all the views he can get. Maybe we should set up a GoFundMe for Benny?

Up until recently the following 5 full-length Tucker Carlson interview videos were still being shown on Benny Johnson’s YouTube channel. Now they are all dead links:

All of those videos contained copyrighted material that would have qualified for a copyright strike. That’s 5 strikes in total. But all you need is 3 strikes and YouTube will delete your channel and you can no longer make a living. Since Benny Johnson’s YouTube channel is still in operation, we can reasonably assume that he never received any copyright strikes and simply took the videos down after being notified by TCN.

How is it ethical to serve copyright strikes on some channels but fail to serve them on other channels?

It seems if you are friends with the boss, you are immune from copyright strikes and the rules don’t apply.

Brent has informed me that he has reached out to Carter Andrews many times but has not received the courtesy of a reply. Other attempts to contact other TCN departments have met with similar silence.

It turns out that Andrews is no stranger to the world of YouTube and co-runs a dormant YouTube channel called Revello Project. Given this revelation and the fact he’s a self-proclaimed digital media expert, Andrews knows full well the negative impact of a copyright strike on a fledgling YouTube channel. Ironically enough, the channel has Reveal the Truth as its slogan.

You can see the illustrious future Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Carter Andrews for yourself in the following video:

In the spirit of revealing the truth, I’m quite sure Andrews would agree that it’s time to let the public know that Tucker Carlson Network employees might be bullying small YouTube content creators by weaponizing YouTube’s punitive copyright strikes while allowing their friends like Benny Johnson to do as they please.

I wonder what Tucker Carlson would think of overzealous employees bullying fellow small YouTube content creators?

If any other small YouTube channels have been bullied by TCN, their agents, representatives, or employees, I’d like to know about it. Please email me. All correspondence is strictly confidential.


While Tucker Carlson has every right to protect his intellectual property, there is a diplomatic way to achieve this. Initiating a YouTube copyright strike instead of making a written request to remove the videos going nuclear and shows a lack of maturity and decency on the part of the person responsible. This is all possible because of YouTube’s draconian policies that favor powerful complainants.

I highly doubt Tucker Carlson would approve of his underlings going after small YouTube content creators whose only crime is helping Tucker spread his much-needed America First perspective to a wider audience.

One of the shortcomings of the conservative movement is a lack of solidarity between fellow conservatives. Since conservatives are competitive by nature, they spend little time if any, helping their up-and-coming brethren and frequently act as gatekeepers who step on the hands of those below them trying to climb the ladder to success.

The bullying of lesser conservatives by brass-ring conservatives like the Tucker Carlson Network is a good illustration of this problem and one of the biggest reasons why conservatives keep losing to progressives in the culture war.


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