Innocent Man Gets Fired by Scheming Feminist Witches for Standing up for President Trump in Corporate America

Malevolent conniving feminist witches and unchecked office politics have destroyed the workplace culture in corporate America. If you are a man working in any company today, you have an automatic target on your back. Your days are numbered American man.

Every woman who works in corporate America is a potential sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit for a company. Every man is just one stare, one joke, one comment away from having their careers destroyed by a vindictive, scheming, hysterical female.

American man, the HR department is not your friend. They exist primarily to target you and to fire you. HR departments are now being staffed by proponents of the diversity, inclusion, and representation ideology. They are coming for you American man.

Yes, they are witches. They are prideful, black-hearted, misandric servants of evil in bondage to a destructive and sick ideology. They hate men, they hate unborn babies, they hate families, they hate America, and they hate God. There’s no such thing as a “good” feminist in my books.

While watching a Dave Rubin Prager University video on YouTube, I came upon the tragic story of a man named J.D. in the comment section. He was fired because he stood up and challenged a feminist co-worker who blatantly lied about President Trump.

His story moved me so much I decided to share it.

J.D. tells his story:

A woman in my office building said “Donald Trump called for violence against women” and I simply said “No, he didnt… When did he say this?”. Long story short, two months later I didn’t have a job. I was one of only three men in an office space of 43. The only women who were friendly with me were the older women, 50 and above. They made a small minority of the employees and held no “power” in the office politics and they warned me what was brewing amongst the other girls in the office because I was a “Trump supporter”.

I was pretty new, I wasn’t even out of training yet and people I didn’t even know some of the people who hated me. I didn’t understand it. I was targeted, bullied and ultimately my employer had a sit down with me and leveled with me. He told me that technically he can’t fire me but everyone wants me gone. He said he knows exactly what they’re doing and he is sorry. He always liked me because I made an effort to introduce myself to him, talked to him when I saw him around the office, thanked him for company paid lunches, showed interest in the company, etc.

He teared up for a moment, and offered me 3 months pay to quit. He said he can’t just fire all the women in the office who are pulling this witch hunt because he can’t afford to lose all of them and their years of experience but he hates to see me go and feels terrible.

Then the HR woman got to walk me out of the office and she loved every moment of it. It was a shitty moment, I just lost my job, but she was so giddy and talkative and it made me so mad because I knew she was one of the ring leaders in this entire situation. I learned my lesson.

There’s a lot more to the story. How they targeted me, how they set me up, how they treated me, their hypocrisy, them spying on me and the work I did…. There is a lot and it’s completely shitty. I wish I could tell my story somewhere but nobody cares.

I care J.D. I’d love to hear the full story.

This story affects me deeply because the exact same thing happened to my brother. My brother worked at a company for 15 years. He was a loyal, selfless, hard-working man dedicated to his work. A humorless, power hungry, scheming, queen bee lesbian became his supervisor and saw him as a threat. Six months later he was laid off.

This pogrom of American males who dare to stand up for truth is going on all across American corporations. The emasculation of men is what happens when a society doesn’t teach classical virtues and instead becomes feminized, weak and corrupt. This is what happens when we stop believing in God and instead worship the golden idols of equality and diversity.

If you are a conservative, a traditional Christian, or a Trump supporter, in today’s leftist controlled world, you soon learn that you must keep your beliefs and opinions to yourself in order to keep your job. This kind of ideological discrimination is unacceptable and repugnant in a civilized country.

An entire group of people are now being scapegoated and persecuted by the those in power. We have seen this happen in the past many times. Many Jews in Nazi Germany had to hide the fact they were Jewish in order to stay alive, keep their jobs, and to prevent them from being sent to concentration camps. Past is prologue.

These feminist fiends and their allies have infiltrated every walk of life and human endeavor from academia to Christian churches. They are coming for your husbands, your sons, your brothers, your fathers, your male friend.

Feminism and other assorted woke ideologies are a cancer to any civilization foolish enough to tolerate it. Show me one civilization that embraced feminism and survived? There are none.

Wake up America!

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