Female Teen Snow White Fan Speaks Out Against Disney’s Destructive Feminist Propaganda

This week the entire world learned that Disney actress Rachel Zegler is a spoiled brat who has an Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez level of entitlement and narcissism. Both women are similar in their respective levels of stupidity and arrogance.

Disney’s Snow White film has come under attack in recent weeks as leaked photos surfaced that shows the seven dwarfs are really just one real dwarf and a band of diverse misfits. Apparently, using real dwarfs was shelved after Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage complained that the new Snow White film was not progressive enough in today’s modern world.

Being the woke fools that they are, Disney took Dinklage’s advice and opted for non-dwarves to play dwarves. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

Even though Zegler looks nothing like the iconic and pure Snow White, she plays her in an upcoming Disney film. Like every good feminist, she despises the traditional version of the classic character and wants to transform her into an edgy girl boss that don’t need no man. Zegler even claimed that the original Prince Charming was stalking Snow White. What?!?

Look into Zegler’s eyes and you see the haughty, smug visage of the monster. Modern society created this monster.

Empty-headed ingrates like Zegler and other vacuous twats like Emma Watson, Brie Larson, and Morfyd Clark, are the inevitable by-product of a decaying civilization that has internalized the cancer of feminism. Zegler who is half-Columbian (Columbian and Latino are not races) managed to win the role of Maria in Speilberg’s Westside Story Remake in 2021. Ever since then, she has leveraged her fake minority status and uttered a steady stream of tired feminist talking points about female empowerment.

Zegler Led the Charge to get Gina Carano Canceled

Dataracer revealed on Twitter that Zegler formed an outrage mob on Twitter to get Carano canceled for not using pronouns in her Twitter bio.

The Curse of Modern Women

What happened to the archetype of women that are feminine, kind, tender, quiet, unassuming, selfless, nurturing, humble, demur, graceful, lady-like, and chaste?

Sure, not all women were perfect but at least we had role models that women could aspire to be like. Today’s female role models, mostly in the entertainment industry are the exact opposite.

As a man, it’s easy to become despondent about the state of our world and say to hell with it all. The majority of women on social media are an embarrassment. They behave like snitches, bitches, and attention whores but complain that they can’t find Mr. Right. Nobody wants to date them and nobody would be crazy enough to marry them. Not a day goes by when you don’t hear of a screeching Karen going wild on an airplane or a woman running naked on a highway or screaming at the top of her lungs at the slightest inconvenience that life might send her way.

The experiment of feminism has utterly failed. We must realize this and put an end to it before it puts an end to all of us. The modern over-opinionated, over-educated, hyper-entitled woman seems to destroy everything she touches. This is happening because modern female behavior is gravely disordered and not in accordance with natural law.

It’s high time that we Western men reclaim and exert our God-given dominion over women and our families. There is simply no other way to fix this problem than to come to terms with truth no matter how controversial and harsh it may seem. If we wait to fix the problem, nature will fix it for us and we’ll end up in the garbage heap of history as non-woke civilizations will happily replace us.

Hope from Heaven

Every now and then, God in his infinite goodness, sends a ray of hope to mankind. God speaks to us when and where we least expect it. This time it ended up in the Critical Drinker’s comment section on YouTube. The video was all about Disney’s new woke version of the classic fairytale: Snow White

A teenage female who appears to be Asian — and I’m assuming brought up by a good parent with a strong family structure — made some inspiring comments on the video:

I’m a teen girl, and I’m pretty positive I’m supposed to be the target audience for these sorts of movies. However, I don’t enjoy these “strong female leads.” I don’t like seeing some of my friends fall for the trap and preach about how it’s time for women to take the spotlight.

When I was younger, I adored Snow White. I thought she was Korean (because she looks like my mother with her pale skin and black hair) and I especially loved her wishing well song. I rewatched the movie recently because of the remake and I found myself tearing up at the same song. She was so gentle when she sang “I’m thinking of the nice things he’ll say” (referring to an ideal prince). It’s so human. It’s a young girl wanting love in a terrible situation. What’s wrong with that? Don’t most young girls daydream about a perfect partner? Isn’t it fitting that she pushed through her trauma and got what she wanted? I don’t understand how this movie can turn into another bland “I don’t need a man” schtick. Girls can be vulnerable. They want comfort when hurt. That doesn’t make them lesser; it makes them relatable.

Most girls my age who fall for this agenda are so bitter and I don’t like being around them. They only hang out with each other and feed into their anger like a twisted feedback loop. I’m tempted to go on a rant about Arcane and how that show nailed a wonderfully strong female cast without needing to shove any perfection down the audience’s throat. Overall, I think this movement to empower young women by putting down amazing, pre-existing stories is pretty self-destructive and stupid.

All I can say is bravo! Thank you for giving me a ray of hope that all young women are not shrieking self-absorbed monsters.

Cry Bullies Reap What they Sow

Cry bully Zagler has embarrassed herself in recent days and is one of the most hated people on the planet. She deserves every bit of scorn headed her way. Apparently, she has gone into hiding because of “death threats.” From GamerGate to Anita Sarkeesian to Rachel Zegler, “strong” women break into tears and revert to damsels in distress and play the victim card when their misdeeds are exposed.

Everyone is sick and tired of the “I’m getting death threats” song and dance. Everyone, except the simping thirsty white knights who will come to her rescue. Expect Zagler to retire to the lucrative lecture circuit and do a TED talk about how she faced online harassment from evil white men.


Thanks to weak, low testosterone, simping, male executives who think that women can do no wrong and that “all women must be believed,” the entire entertainment media complex is teaming with insufferable clowns like Zegler who regurgitate shallow diversity, inclusion, and feminism talking points.

The strong female lead trope is subversive feminist idealogy in disguise and it has ruined every film it has occured in.

Strength is an intrinsically male virtue. Men need to be strong for civilization to survive, not women. Women have their own God-given roles in perpetuating humanity, that are no less important than the roles of men. The most perfect woman ever created was the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was a model of female perfection because of her humility and obedience to God. Mary is the archetype that all women should model themselves after.

Women should not be usurping the role of men or trying to be men. Conversely, men should not be usurping the role of women or trying to be women.

Our culture should be reflecting biological truths back to us so that children can see proper biological sex role models and aspire to them as adults. Scripture, sagas, mythology, fairy tales, and folklore did this perfectly well before the Enlightenment philosophers and Karl Marx came along.

Snow White is a classic, enduring European fairy tale that is an integral part of the heritage of Western civilization. It is both precious and sacred to who we are as people. Disney and Zagler crossed the line. What they are doing is an act of cultural vandalism that needs to be called out.

The Critical Drinker ends his video presentation with wise words:

There’s a reason movies like Snow White have been enjoyed by generations of audiences: the stories they told are timeless and universal instead of trying to catch the ever-changing winds of the political and social Zeitgeist. They weren’t written for modern audiences; they were written for every audience from the 1930s to the 2020s and that’s precisely why they worked so well.

And, as much as you and your friends might look down on them and mock them for not aligning with whatever fads and trends happen to be the current thing, the inconvenient truth is that they’ll still be remembered long after your own lesser efforts have been forgotten. You are but a passing ripple in the pond of history, whereas they are history.

I hope that Snow White is the final nail in the Disney coffin and hastens the demise of wokeness.


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