Devon Eriksen: The Evolutionary Need to Protect Women and the Importance of Male Only Spaces

Every now and then you come across something so truthful that you are compelled to share your discovery with others. This is one such occasion. Yesterday I was lucky enough to encounter the sparkling wisdom of sci-fi author Devon Eirksen.

In our society, a senseless war on men is being waged by people who do not understand human nature. If this war is successful Western civilization will cease to exist and will be replaced by a civilization that still values the truth about human nature.

Part of the truth of humanity is that the male sex and the female sex are different. Their natures need to be different and specialized to ensure the continuance of humanity.

Up until the last century, women and men had sex-segregated schools and leisure activities. Men had gentlemen’s clubs where men would read newspapers, smoke pipes and enjoy beverages where they could discuss things that concern men. Women had their own places to enjoy the company of other women free from the distraction of sexual tension.

Men and women did congregate but in specific places and for specific reasons mainly courtship and communal gatherings such as church, dances, and cultural events.

Everything changed when women were “emancipated” and given the right to vote by foolish men. After that happened, the idealogy of feminism eventually overwhelmed our culture. It was no coincidence that Marxism and feminism were on the same upward trajectory.

When men and women are together, sexual tension occurs, conflict ensues, and the dynamic changes. Both sexes behave differently with the opposite sex and with the same sex. This is true in the workplace, military, workout gyms, and nightclubs.

For humanity to continue, males need male-only spaces to teach other men how to be men and for men to fulfill their purpose as providers and protectors of women and children. This also includes areas of leisure such as video games where there is a high degree of competition and simulated violence. Men need to be able to blow off steam and bond free from the imperative to protect women.

Until recently, video games were exclusively the realm of males. Most women were not interested in playing video games. Since men were the ones that made video games, males made games for themselves and other males were naturally responsive to them. Males organically developed their own gamer culture. As the video game industry grew, big corporations became involved and wanted more profits. To increase profits they started initiatives to that would attract women to play games.

As soon as women entered, they demanded that men stop behaving like men. Here’s an infographic that explains the process:

Here’s another infographic that explains how hobbies are taken over by interlopers:

The female invaders were joined by emasculated male traitors who welcomed women so they could gain favor with these women. These favors include sexual relations which is what triggered the first Gamergate scandal that rocked the video game industry.

Women also entered the industry at record rates thanks to feminist-inspired diversity hiring programs. Studios, corporations, and academic were in mindless rush to “bridge the gap” between male and female participation as consumers and as creators.

So here we are in 2024 in the middle of a culture war where the progressive left controls every single institution in American life. It is no wonder that feminist demands have taken over the AAA video game industry. We have seen the feminist, LGBTQ, and DEI agenda implemented in both the hiring and the content of video games. Video games are no longer targeting their core demographic: white heterosexual males.

What is the result?

Video games are horrible. Sales are down. Male gamers are rightly upset. Mass layoffs are impacted the entire industry. Get woke, go broke.

Enter science fiction writer Devon Eriksen who responded to a female named juliebear with a magnum opus of erudition. What are you are about to read is the best evisceration of the folly of feminism I have ever read. You will understand the genetic imperative, his take on the differences between men and women, and why men need their own spaces.


Women inhabit a different social universe.

This is why, when they enter male spaces, they assume they are being targeted for their sex. They simply are unable to grasp what the standard male experience in those spaces is like. The female of the human species has a life experience that is not only unique among humans but unique among females. It is a privilege that is unknown elsewhere in nature.

When a female human looks as if she in danger, or suffering, or being treated unfairly, other humans, both male and female, care about this even if they are not mates or relatives.

This is not typical. Females of other species typically do not experience this. Male humans do not typically experience this, and when they do, it’s culturally trained in.

Altruism towards human females is genetic.


Because the human reproductive cycle is uniquely fragile. Giant brains require early development of giant heads, which means female humans have to evolve to deliver giant heads, and to deliver them early, while they can still pass through the pelvic girdle. This means that not only do women have to have inefficiently wide hips, they also have to devote much of their development to a complex and fragile reproductive system.

And it gets worse. Infants, being born prematurely compared to other species, are extremely fragile and develop extremely slowly. Infant horses can run hours after being born. Infant humans can’t even hold their own heads up.

Which makes women even more vulnerable. After all, if you’re carrying a precious and delicate Faberge egg around, inside or outside your body, you effectively ARE that egg… because if you are handled roughly, it will break.

Obviously, this heavy biological price is worth it to the species, because it has allowed us to be smart enough to dominate the planet, but it has caused humanity to evolve with an Achilles heel… the fragility, and the indispensability, of women.

So how does a species like that survive under primitive conditions?

Simple. Evolve a genetic imperative… protect the women.

In no other species is this imperative so strong. Tomcats don’t protect and care for female cats. Why would they? Female cats can run and fight and hunt, even when pregnant, and their kittens can be left alone for hours at a time in hidden places.

This basic instinct to defend the Achilles heel of the species is so powerful that it impacts and shapes our politics and social culture to this day.

That is why men want male spaces. Because when women are present, they must always be protected, even when that interferes with the mission, or the social culture of the space.

Going on a 20-mile hike? Take women along, and it might suddenly become a 10-mile hike, or a 5-mile hike, because one of them got tired. Building something? All work must stop if a woman becomes upset. Playing a team sport? Well, you get the idea.

You have to understand that this behavior is compulsive. Even the precise same men who resent women’s presence changing the space, will still feel compelled to protect women, and to change the space to protect women, even if they passive-aggressive lash out at those women later for invoking that instinct.

In other words, male spaces are spaces where men can just be people and not have to worry about being a stranger’s guardian angel.

The reason that online male spaces have a higher frequency of this sort of lashing out at women is that men can’t SEE the woman there, so the protective instinct is less likely to trigger.

There is a corresponding instinct on the part of women… to seek out, gravitate to, and demand this kind of behavior. So the answer to “Juliebear”s question is simple.

1. Yes, men talk to each other like that.

This is not a special trait of men. It is the universal standard for strangers in competition, a standard from which only women are exempt.

2. No, we don’t like it.

3. So what?

We have to put up with it anyway, because it trains us to be tough and not let things bother us. Because that’s who we have to be for the sake of women.

If we are delicate and sensitive and cry, literally or metaphorically, not only can we not protect women when they actually need, or think they need, protecting, we would also not have descendants.

Because crying men give women the ick.

4. No, you are not different.

You can virtue-signal all you want by saying men should be protected, too, but that has about as much weight as a puff of warm hydrogen.

If and when a man elbows you aside to get to the lifeboat, or cries because someone said something mean and his feelings are hurt, you will find out just precisely how not-different you are.

5. This is the social order that keeps our species going.

Don’t mess with it, or birth rates will plummet. Kinda like we see happening all around us right now.

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