This Photo Demonstrates the Cognitive Dissonance of Intersectionality

The theory of intersectionality states that every non-white, non-Christian, and non-heterosexual person must find a common cause and align against a malefactor. Who is this malefactor? Why it’s the white heterosexual Christian male of course. Intersectionality is a strength in numbers scheme.

The photo below demonstrates the insanity and absurdity of this dangerous theory:

Muslims in Palestine would kill anyone from the LGBTQ “movement” in a heartbeat. But these useful idiots haven’t figured this out. Intersectionality is so potent that it can align people who should be natural enemies.

The “Q” in LGBTQ acronym stands for queer. The queers are the intelligentsia of the LGBTQ movement and they control it. Most of the queers are radical feminists who claim they are non-binary and pansexual. The queers invented identity pronouns and then forced them upon society. Most of the members of ANTIFA are queers and trans.

Much of the polarization in our culture — especially in the entertainment industry — is being perpetrated by the queers. Queer theory has been taught in colleges for at least two decades and it has been allowed to fester in the protective cocoon of the powerful gay rights movement.

All is not well in the intersectional army. Recently Muslims (considered “marginalized people” by the left) in Canada have joined forces with Christians and Gays Against Groomers to protest the indoctrination of their children in schools.

Understanding how intersectionality works is key to comprehending the motives and mindsets of the modern left in the world. The strange bedfellow alliance between BLM and ANTIFA makes perfect sense via an intersectional lens.

Here’s an infographic that James Lindsay recently posted on GAB that explains everything:

The queer designation is just a euphemism for communists and pedophiles. Both groups are incredibly dangerously rabid and are hellbent on destroying Western civilization by any means necessary. Now you know.


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