Despite Massive Layoffs, Microsoft Blizzard Finds the Money to Begin Celebrating PRIDE Month in May

It has been a brutal year for the AAA video game industry as mass layoffs continue. In early 2024, Blizzard’s parent company Microsoft who recently purchased Activision-Blizzard wasted no time in firing 1800 employees. The inevitable cost-cutting measures have resulted from an entire video game industry ravaged by low sales.

With no money to spend on frivolity, surely the people in charge at Microsoft and Blizzard would not want to waste any more money by promoting divisive, narcissistic PRIDE month faggotry that celebrates the sexual deviancy of LGBTQ humanoids. Alas, cooler heads did not prevail and the perpetually woke Blizz is up to their old tricks and is promoting PRIDE clothing on their X AKA Twitter and Instagram pages.

Their X listing got ratioed so hard that they turned off all comments. The existing comments are hilarious. After X users destroyed Blizzard, fearing more backlash, they shut off the ability to reply on the Instagram page. Here’s the link to their X listing, Instagram listing, and LinkedIn listings respectively:

Matthew Shephard and the Controversial Trevor Project

Proceeds for the sale of Blizzards PRIDE gear go to the embattled Trevor Project which is allegedly an LGBTQ youth suicide hotline. In years the Trevor Project has been involved in various controversies. They recently laid off 6% of their staff and last year laid off 12% of other staff.

According to Glassdoor only 6% of current and former employees would recommend the CEO Peggy Rajski. The Trevor Project has an abysmal 2.4-star rating and only 25% would recommend the charity to a friend.

The Trevor Project is also involved in the promotion of the LGBTQ lifestyle. They flat out lied on Instagram when they said Mathew Shepherd was killed because he was gay as Shepherd’s mother was being awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Biden. Gay author exposed this lie with his book: The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths about the Murder of Matthew Shephard. Reason Magazine also reported on this lie as well.

Other powerful organizations like the Human Rights Council continue to lie about Matthew Matthew Shephard and use his death to fundraise, promote LGBTQ depravity, and use it as a cudgel to bash Americans who hold constitutionally protected beliefs such as freedom of speech and freedom of worship.

By supporting the Trevor Project Blizzard is indirectly participating in the politicization of Shephard’s death.

Meet Brandy Stiles LGBTQ+ Woke Commisar at Blizzard

Here’s the pleasant humanoid responsible for the Blizzard LGBTQ+ Employee Network. Most of her resume lists her pro-alphabet advocacy at Blizzard.

The Truth about Transgender Suicide

Transgender people have a much higher suicide rate than non-transgenders. Those who identify as transgender and have a “gender-affirming” surgery have a 12 X suicide rate. Jordan Peterson mentioned this in a recent Tweet:

If Microsoft, Blizzard, and the Trevor Project cared about preventing suicide they would do all they can do discourage transgenderism AKA gender dysphoria. Instead, the HRC and Blizzard promote it constantly.


Watching a once great video game company get completely captured by a bizarre sexual ideology that can’t seem to stop talking about the sexual proclivities of its workers is like watching a fire consume a building. It’s terrifying and entertaining at the same time. What is even scarier is that it’s all self-inflicted.

Much of the blame for Blizzard’s woes lies on the shoulders of Mike and Amy Morhaime. After Mike married Amy, he started caring more about woke virtue signaling than he did making amazing games. Mike changed the trajectory of Blizzard I believe in large part because Amy influenced him. Happy wife, happy life? Behind every woke man, is an even woker woman. Amy and Mike have their own ultra-woke studio now. I am currently working on an in-depth article about this.

The cultural rot at Blizzard can not be repaired. Blizzard needs to fail and die in the most spectacular fashion possible. Besides, the entire studio lacks any kind of artistic and cultural cohesion that unites their video games. If you watch recent BlizzCons you see that WoW gamers have nothing in common with Overwatch gamers. The best thing Microsoft could do would be to break up Blizzard and sell each IP to a different studio.

With all the old guard gone at Blizzard, what remains is a gaggle of incompetent, inexperienced, pink-haired, non-binary imposters.

One might reasonably ask how Blizzard can continue to support the extravagance of spending precious money on a tiny group of sexually depraved people while continuing to lay off employees and failing to produce the very best video games? Blizzard has lost its way. Blizzard was not formed to celebrate sodomy and other sexual perversions; Blizzard was formed to produce great video games.

The American public is increasingly becoming opposed to DEI propaganda in games and its presence in corporations. The return on investment in supporting pride extremism is negligible and costs Microsoft the goodwill and loyalty of its customers.

Why is tone-deaf Microsoft Gaming President Phil Spencer allowing this madness to continue?


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