Blizzard Removes Alex Afrasiabi’s WoW Classic Videos From Their YouTube Channel

When his retinue of underlings fell out of his favor, Russian communist dictator Joseph Stalin would have them erased from photographs like they never existed. During the EEOC lawsuit and “Cosby Suite” scandal, the same thing happened as Blizzard removed all traces of former developer Alex Afrasiabi from World of Warcraft. After the George Floyd BLM riots, the moral panic of cancel culture had taken over social media and the shrieking social justice warriors wanted his scalp.

The woke cowards at Activision-Blizzard did this to appease the coalition of feminists, journalists, LGBTQ types, and DEI fanatics. But as time progressed, they didn’t stop there, they also removed two WoW Classic promotional videos from their official YouTube channel. There was nothing sexually offensive that was related to the lawsuit in any of the videos but that didn’t matter to the Blizzard executives because they eliminated all traces of the former developer anyway.

The first video they removed was WoW Classic with Creators Episode 1. Afrasiabi is featured along with 4 other veteran WoW devs. The second video they deleted was WoW Classic with Creators Episode 5: Alex Afrasiabi.

There’s a good chance that all of these videos may be deleted in the future as the Borg Collective at Microsoft continues to absorb the rotting corpse of Activision-Blizzard. For posterity, I have uploaded the two deleted videos and the other videos to my Rumble channel. Here are all the videos in order:

On a side note, I find it regrettable that Rob Pardo and Chris Metzen were not invited back for this occasion. I think both of them were indisputably key to the success of WoW.


Alex Afrasiabi and his fellow developers made significant contributions to Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft, the MMORPG genre, and video game history. The content they created brought joy to millions of dedicated fans. They don’t deserve to be memory holed, instead they should be celebrated. These videos are a part of video game history and they should not be censored, altered, or deleted.


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