Have You Been Censored, Warned, Banned, or Penalized By Standing Stone Games for Your Opinions on Lord of the Rings Online’s New Woke Avatars?

I’m hearing troubling reports of Standing Stones Games community managers warning, censoring, and banning anyone who posts objections to the new African and Asian avatars and bearded human woman update in the upcoming patch of Lord of the Rings Online.

This is not isolated to Standing Stones Games, as the Reddit LOTRO forum is not allowing anyone to discuss this update:

MMORPG.com are not allowing any discussion whatsoever on this important topic either:

This seems to be a coordinated effort on the part of Daybreak Games and Standing Stones to bully their players and MMO news sites are censoring all negative opinions concerning this lore-breaking change that is coming to Lord of the Rings Online.

Editor and woke harridan Bree Royce over at Massively Overpowered is up to her old tricks and hectoring people who disagree with Standing Stone’s decision:

On a sad side note, her sidekick and long-time “Bio Break” blogger Justin Olivetti is pleased with the changes:

A user named Herr Dave on the official LOTRO YouTube channel claims he was banned for speaking out on this:

If you have been the victim of this censorship or bullying and would like to add your thoughts on this issue, please contact me directly or post your story here in the comments. Please include screenshots of your banned posts with names/handles of official representatives if possible.

We’re not going to let Embracer Group, Middle Earth Enterprises, Enad Global 7, Daybreak Games, and Standing Stone Games get away with this wanton act of cultural vandalism. Stay tuned!


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