More LGBTQ Virtue Signaling from Daybreak and Darkpaw Games

If San Francisco is the Sodom of California, then San Diego is their Gomorrah. The pleasant city of San Diego is home to many video game studios. Many if not most, have been captured by the deviant LGBTQ cult. There is no better example of this than Daybreak Games. They are the epitome of a studio that is infested by the plague of identity politics.

The immoral ghouls at Daybreak Games never miss an opportunity to engage in moral exhibitionism. True to form, these fabulous folks announced they recently attended the San Diego AIDS Walk & Run.

While I sympathize with people who are afflicted by AIDs, it’s completely preventable. AIDS is transmitted through gay sex and intravenous drug use. But you never see the LGBTQ “community” or their allies mention this reality. If they truly cared about their beloved alphabet people they would tell them the hard truth. They want to find a cure so they can keep engaging in disgusting immoral sexual practices like sodomy.

Here are a series of photos that Daybreak Games and Darpaw Games posted on their LinkedIn accounts:

Look at all these smug people. What are they proud about? Did they just complete the Boston Marathon?

Newsflash: Being an LGBTQ degenerate is not an achievement. Being an ally (accomplice) and enabling debauchery and decadence is nothing to be proud of.

Look at the children they have invited to this event; they are being indoctrinated into the LGBTQ religious cult. Those parents should be ashamed of themselves for normalizing sexual deviancy.

Why Does Darkpaw Games Studio Head Jen Chan Love the LGBTQ Community So Much?

One person in particular stands out who attended this AIDS march: it’s Jennifer Chan. She is the unlikely Studio Head at Darkpaw Games who is allegedly in charge of the EverQuest franchise.

With the exception of the terse Product Roadmap Producer’s Letter that is released annually both EverQuest and EverQuest 2, Chan makes no substantive effort to communicate with the EQ players. The producer’s letters are generally devoid of anything meaningful but they are always full of performative virtue signaling like the announcement of new free LGBTQ PRIDE pets that nobody ever asked for.

The sad thing is that these official communications by EQ’s dev team are rarer than the Ancient Cyclops. Allegedly authored by Chan, they are not even posted by her on her official EQ forum account and are instead posted by their forum moderators. In recent years, many MMOs including another Daybreak franchise such as the Lord of the Rings Online are rife with despotic woke moderators who engage in routine censorship of player’s opinions.

While Chan has lots of time to attend LGBTQ events and donate money to woke causes on Darkpaw’s behalf, she doesn’t have any time to engage with players on the forums. She never engages with players. None of her devs do as well. While there is always time for more LGBTQ PRIDE parades and events, there hasn’t been an EverQuest Fanfaire official event in many years.

Maybe super-duper EQ fanboy Fading can ask Chan what she does all day and why she’s obsessed with LGBTQ issues when he plans his next EQ video.


It’s a complete and utter disgrace that the woketards at Gaybreak Games are indirectly using players’ money to donate to LGBTQ causes while failing to provide loyal EverQuest players with an optimal play experience. Since Daybreak Games exist in the rarefied air of their protective woke bubble of San Diego, California they are out of touch with the real world that their players live in. Given that, they do not even bother to adopt a pretense of ideological neutrality.

The fact that Daybreak and Darkpaw consider their pithy participation in the San Diego AIDS walk as newsworthy shows a complete lack of self-awareness on their part. Instead of virtue signaling and displaying an overinflated air of self-importance, they should have done it quietly and on their own time and dime. Nobody cares who you sleep with. Keep your perversions to yourself and leave the rest of us alone. And, leave the kids alone too!

For some strange reason, Daybreak and Jen Chan are fixated on LGBTQ causes. One might reasonably ask why this tiny percentage of the population gets so much special treatment. Why should an esoteric group of people who indulge in perverse and debased sexual practices be so deserving of all this attention?

It’s safe to say that Darkpaw Games is probably the worst MMORPG studio out there. After years of neglect and layoffs by SOE and Daybreak, they are a husk of what they once were. They have taken mediocrity to a new level and squandered the ground-breaking legacy of EQ over the years with a litany of boring, unimaginative, cookie-cutter expansions. Like vampires, they feed on the freely given blood of their loyal clients. All of this is permitted because they work for a company that is notorious for corruption and dysfunction. It’s the blind leading the blind.

While it’s generally in poor taste to kick someone when they are down, I have made an exception for Darkpaw Games. They are so utterly reprehensible and despicable that they deserve to be condemned and excoriated with extreme prejudice for the years of neglect and abuse they have heaped upon their long-suffering players.

In true video game fashion, Darkpaw is the ultimate min-maxer. They put in the least amount of effort for the most profit. Not only do the developers at Darkpaw ignore their own players, they don’t even bother to play their own MMO. They are a team of useless, arrogant hacks who haven’t come up with an original idea in 20 years.

How do I know this? You can tell by playing EverQuest. Just like you know bad food when you taste it, you can also ascertain the quality of video games by playing them. I feel no love, no passion, and no sense of responsible stewardship emanating from Norrath when I play EQ. You see the mediocrity in the lack of details and polish. EverQuest is a rundown, sputtering, archaic, doddering MMORPG barely alive on its last legs all because they have developers that don’t care. It seems their passion died a long time ago along with their integrity.

What’s worse is that cronyism and nepotism are alive and well at Daybreak as friends and family get jobs before anyone else does. People who actually care about EverQuest and show up with original ideas are seen as a threat to the geriatric dev team and consequently are not welcome at Daybreak. If one manages to survive the interview process, they are quickly shown the door when they are found out.

The so-called leadership at Darkpaw doesn’t have the intellect, courage, and intestinal fortitude to face their own players on the forums or any other non-official places. They refuse to be held accountable and hide in their dusty cubicles like timid sniveling children. Instead, devs let their merry band of sycophantic forum white knights run interference for them.

Imagine waking up every day and looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing that you are a worthless sack of dried-up dogshit that is only capable of working at a 3rd rate studio like Darkpaw Games. But to them, they can justify this attitude because it’s just a job. I’ve seen McDonald’s employees and Doordash drivers with more passion than these stiffs. Working at Darkpaw is like the film Office Space but worse.

Darkpaw can’t even attract good talent and they sure as hell can’t even keep good talent. Most EQ developers with the exception of a few old smelly barnacles have left Darkpaw games for greener pastures such as Blizzard and Amazon. These relics wouldn’t last a week at a modern video game studio because they’d be exposed for the frauds that they are. I suspect this is why they remain at Darkpaw, availing themselves of the antiquated seniority system set up by the Japanese-owned Sony Online Entertainment 25 years ago.

For Daybreak Games to continue to waste precious money on woke causes while ignoring the health of their flagship EverQuest franchise, is a slap in the face to the thousands of players that have paid and played over the last 24 years. If they need to feel good about themselves, they should focus on EverQuest instead of their incessant need to virtue signal.

Love is


UPDATE: Found this story on Revolver News today. Love is love? Gay population is creating and spreading drug-resistant diseases…

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