Activision-Blizzard Finally Admits Alex Afrasiabi was Terminated

The mystery surrounding the stealthy departure of Warcraft Creative Director Alex Afrasiabi has finally been revealed. Contrary to some rumors, he didn’t willingly retire from Blizzard to spend his millions. Kotaku has just reported that he was terminated for misconduct in 2020. From the article:

An employee brought these 2013 events to our attention in June 2020,” a spokesperson for Activision Blizzard told Kotaku when asked about the “Cosby Suite” images and allegations against Afrasiabi. “We immediately conducted our own investigation and took corrective action. At the time of the report, we had already conducted a separate investigation of Alex Afrasiabi and terminated him for his misconduct in his treatment of other employees.

Was any illegal behavior going on in this suite? Was anyone harassed, raped, tortured, or murdered? Where is the crime? Or was this a bunch of developers trying to blow off steam at a BlizzCon after party and having a few drinks goofing around? After parties are common in Hollywood where celebrities drink heavily and make fools of themselves.

Why did the employee wait 7 years to report to Blizzard about the Cosby Suite?

Kotaku — a hardcore leftist woke gaming site — has published images of white male Blizzard developers who were in the Cosby Suite but has obtained other images of women that were in the suite but has decided not to publish them:

In one image procured by Kotaku, a group of women are sitting on a bed in the room with the Cosby portrait. One of the women appears to have a hand on another’s breast, which is cheered on by the men in the comments.

Were the women in the non-published photo also Blizzard developers? Were any of the women victims of rape or sexual harassment? If not, why has Kotaku not published all of the photos? Why the double standard here?

We all know the answer.

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