Why Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That In a Small Town’ is an Anthem for Our Time

Every once in a while, a popular song comes around that crosses over into other genres and resonates with the public. Among those songs, very few become anthems that break into the stratosphere and capture the zeitgeist of the silent majority. Jason Aldean’s Try That In a Small Town is one such tune.

As a musician by trade, I have studied music for decades. I know this much: music is a powerful gift from God that can penetrate the human heart. I can honestly say, no song has made an impact on me more than Try That In a Small Town. The sentiment contained within this tune is cathartic and sublime. This is a simple, common-sense song about the love of family and neighbor that captures the moment and speaks for millions. Although I’ve watched the video many times, it continues to choke me up.

Small towns are the heart and soul of America. The hard-working people who live in them are closer to God and nature, and kinder and more decent than people who congregate in big cities.

The forgotten people, the silent majority, the lonely among us, those with no voice, the decent folk, and everyone that wakes up every day and makes America function has endured years of unprecedented social upheaval. We’ve seen people murdered for no reason. We’ve seen non-stop riots and cities burning. We’ve seen once-trusted governments and institutions chronically lie to us. We’ve seen careers ruined by cancel culture. We’ve seen our loved ones die because of a man-made virus. We see a series of endless wars that are seemingly powerless to stop. We see a war on reality itself.

Modern man is standing in cultural quicksand. This cannot continue indefinitely.

All of this change is extremely painful. The average hard-working American keeps it bottled up inside, puts on a brave face, gets in their car, and drives to work. My wife and I watch the news and shake our heads in disgust every day and wonder, can it get any worse? And yes, it keeps getting worse. But we have to keep going because we have families to feed and elderly parents to look after.

Loneliness is perhaps the most undiagnosed ailment of the human condition. Modernity has outpaced our ability to cope and has left us feeling atomized. We stumble through life never really knowing what to expect and who to trust or what to believe. In the end, all we have is each other.

The comments on the YouTube channel for this video are inspiring and prove that we share more in common than not. There are more good people than evil people. I see people of all races coming out of the woodwork and expressing deep appreciation for the song and the gut-wrenching feeling that it communicates. This kind of reaction is unheard of for a country song. This is why I believe that Try That In a Small Town is a unifying anthem for our time.

As of the publication of this article and despite the best efforts of progressive busybodies that want to cancel this song, Try That In a Small Town is #1 in America on all streaming platforms and the YouTube video has 12 million views since it was released a week ago. That is nothing short of a modern miracle.

Jason Aldean’s song reminds us all that we are not alone. Just knowing that gives me a small ray of hope in a world gone mad. Family and friends are all we’ve got. Take care of them.


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