Vanguard Forums: Why MMO’s Should Hire Real Fantasy Writers

I think Sigil is making a huge mistake if they are going to pattern their fantasy world after real world cultures. At least in Norrath in the original EQ the races had unique looking architecture. The Dark Elf city for example, I’ve never seen anything like that in the real world. Ak`anon the home of the gnome was very original as well. I remember the original Asheron’s call tried the same thing by representing 3 major human cultures and it left me feeling very flat and uninspired.

At least I give the WoW art team credit as they managed to invent an amazingly original world that really works and transcends the Epcot Center/We Are The World approach I’m sensing with Vanguard.

I want to see new cultures in Vanguard not tired rehashed imitations of real world cultures. I play online games to escape the geopolitical political correctness that bogs down our world. I want to be uplifted and tranported to a new worlds–not more carbon copies of Planet Earth. For the sake of immersion, hire a real fantasy writer and do something original please