Update: High Priestess of Wokeness Amanda Cait is No Longer Employed at Avalon Corp

Last year I penned an article about a new tech company specifically formed to bring the dream of a multiverse to fruition: Avalon Corp. Upon further investigation, I exposed disturbing radical identity politics idealogy being preached by one of their employees named Amanda Cait. Please read my previous article for the complete picture.

It turns out that as of February 2024, Amanda Cait was no longer employed by Avalon Corp. Here’s a screencap of her current LinkedIn page:

The Mystery is Solved

From the outset, I was perplexed that someone with no experience in the video game industry could land a high-level position like this. Even more puzzling was the fact that she dared to presume to have the moral authority to lecture the public on political and social issues. It was extremely inappropriate and her level of hubris was off the charts.

It turns out another Avalon Corp. employee named Samuel Sewall is no longer employed there. This gentleman left the company sometime in October 2023:

Is it possible that both of these ex-Avalon Corp. employees have anything else in common?

Well, sure enough, it seems they do. Both of these pronoun-using lovebirds are allegedly married according to an entry in The Knot for a wedding registry:

Hiring your girlfriend or wife to work at a dubious position is a textbook example of nepotism. In today’s world where many women use their maiden names, it’s much harder to spot this questionable practice. It’s hard to believe that the executives at Avalon Corp were in the dark about this. Thankfully, it looks like they took action and rectified this embarrassing problem.

Better to Be Silent and Thought a Fool, Than to Speak and Leave No Doubt

I managed to find a video where Amanda Cait is being interviewed by some DEI-loving hipster podcaster named Vit Koval. If you watch the video, you’ll soon realize that Cait is an over-educated, privileged, posturing, white female midwit who obediently regurgitates all of the radical Marxist talking points du jour about how toxic the video game industry is and how DEI is the solution.

The unprecedented gall of this woman who has not been involved in the creation of one single popular video game to lecture anyone on how the industry is run is bewildering. I can say with full confidence that despite the preposterous video title, DEI will not be the future of the video game industry. Gamers are rebelling en masse and will have none of it.

I do not believe this silly person has ever had an original thought in her life. I’d rather be waterboarded than watch this video again.


I’m sick and tired of my beloved Western civilization being undermined by communist scum who do not create anything but only destroy. These mental midgets stand on the shoulders of giants and presume to think they know what’s best. The malignant narcissism of many Zoomers is a cancer upon our world.

The neo-Marxist interlopers in the video game industry need to be exposed and purged for their treachery. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. White male heterosexual gamers need to man up and start engaging in robust gatekeeping to protect their cherished hobby from invaders and usurpers.

The good news is that DEI and ESG are being exposed and losing money for corporations foolish enough to adopt these illegal, discriminatory, and divisive policies. We are winning. We just need to keep up the pressure.


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