The Righteous Anger of the Silent Majority in America

God fearing Americans are sickened by the wickedness, violence, mayhem, and arson that has consumed American cities. Normal Americans are appalled at the cult-like virtue signaling by politicians, corporations, celebrities, and radical left protesters. Normal Americans are tired of being saddled with the blood libel and false accusations of white supremacy and white privilege. Normal Americans are outraged at the insane calls for defunding and abolishing the police. Normal Americans are disgusted by the selective outrage of the left.

While the prideful moral exhibitionists are elevated, humble Americans are denied a voice. While the mentally ill are celebrated, rational Americans are censored and marginalized by the elites and scolds who run social media. While the wicked reject God’s commandments and forbid attendance at churches, we the faithful trust and obey God.

Peter Skurkiss from The American Thinker reveals these unspoken truths in his brilliant article The building cold anger throughout America.

These ongoing demonstrations mixed with riots are an offense against decency and the rule of law. This has countless Americans seething. This includes independent voters and even many of run-of-the-mill Democrats, not all of whom are hard-core leftists. This anger is not a ‘hot anger’ which leads to lashing out in aggressive and violent behavior. Rather it is a cold anger that simmers until the opportune time for action comes.  

We are the silent majority. We are a collective sleeping giant. We are biding our time. Woe to those who stand against us.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We will not tolerate our God being mocked. We will not tolerate our way of life being denigrated. God willing, we will unleash our righteous anger and exact overwhelming retribution on election day in November 2020.

Please pray for our nation. Please pray for our president.

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