Sweet Baby Inc.: Matt Wash Producer Gregg Re Versus Pro-Gamer Activist Mark Kern

As the Sweet Baby Inc. AKA Gamergate 2.0 fiasco heats up, various non-video game culture warriors are starting to take notice. Once such warrior is Daily Wire Host Matt Walsh. Walsh has been a reliable soldier in the fight against the neo-Marxists who are threatening our world and I find myself in agreement with Walsh about 95% of the time.

Matt Walsh recently released a good video where he discussed the impact of video games on our culture — specifically the recent SBI scandal:

Mark Kern thanked Matt but called him out on his past attacks on video game culture. He also left him some good advice about how to win the culture war:

Things get interesting when Kern retweets Walsh from 2018:

To be fair to the Daily Wire and Matt Walsh, they have been putting in the time and money to create alternative culture. DW produced Terror on the Prairie featuring Gina Carano, the Lady Ballers comedy film, they are also producing a faithful version of Snow White. Here’s a list of what they have produced on IMDB. There can be no doubt that the Daily Wire have been putting their money where their mouth is.

Matt used a clip where Kern was being interviewed in the video. A Daily Wire representative reached out to Mark privately and replied. Then Kern posted his above tweet, then Re replied back with an inflammatory language. Then Mark retweets the communication between Greg Re and Mark Kern:

Sure Mark Kern has a right to be suspicious of Matt Walsh and Conservative Inc.’s sudden interest in the SBI sandal, but he should have shown a bit of restraint and not posted that clip of Walsh’s previous stance on video game. At this point in the culture war, we have to resist going down purity spirals that will sabotage our movement.

I am also well-acquainted with the incestuous world of right-wing conservative punditry. There are a fair number mean-spirted, petty, pompous jerks that are staffers for some of the biggest names such as Tucker Carlson and Daily Wire. The world of punditry on both sides of the political spectrum has a high asshole quotient.

Greg Re was out of line here and overreacted. He should have been diplomatic. Kern continues:

Ian Miles Cheong who wrote an outstanding piece about Gamergate 1.0 for Human Events puts it all into perspective:


We are in a war that we never started.

All we wanted to do is to play our video games in our spare time. But standing on the sidelines is no longer an option if we truly love our hobby. Many gamers realize this now as they find most new games are full of DEI propaganda and almost impossible to play.

The plague of DEI is ravaging our world on all fronts and even gamers who love escapism know it too. We have to put aside our differences and become brothers in arms if we are to defeat this civilizational menace.

I don’t doubt the sincerity of both parties. I hope that Mark Kern and Matt Walsh will bury the hatchet and patch things up. We can’t let petty squabbles deter us in our quest to save our civilization.


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