Steve Danuser is No Longer at Blizzard Entertainment

Let the bells ring and the children sing! Ding dong the wicked lore man is gone! Steve Danuser is no longer working at Blizzard Entertainment. The man who presided over the disgraceful erosion of World of Warcraft’s lore has finally left the building.

Danuser is probably one of the most despised WoW devs in history. A Redditor even made a thread about all the WoW characters he ruined.

I have no idea if he simply quit or was fired. I would be willing to bet he was laid off or fired. I doubt that Chris Metzen would tolerate impertinence, incompetence, or mediocrity. Last year I reported that the newly returned Metzen was experiencing resistance from the existing lore team, so it’s quite possible that the WoW lore department was not big enough for both of them so the inferior Danuser had to go.

Danuser spent about 9 years at Blizzard. During his tenure, somehow, he managed to not get fired, rose through the ranks, and ended up as the narrative director. When WoW lore god Chris Metzen left Blizzard in 2016, Danuser assumed his role like a piece of lint being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner.

What we have here folks is a good example of the perennial twin problems of cronyism and the PETER principle, which has infected the video game industry. About 20 years ago, Danuser entered the industry as a community manager with SOE for EverQuest, dabbled in some game design in EQ 2, and eventually was hired by Curt Schilling for his ill-fated Project Copernicus. Eventually, he ended up at Blizzard working on WoW.

I honestly do not know how capable Steve is as a game designer or narrative designer. About 20 years ago Danuser was indeed a very smart pundit with an excellent understanding of EverQuest. I frequented his Mobhunter blog frequently. All I know is that when he was in charge of the lore for WoW, his decisions were unpopular with the players. In recent years the lore of WoW has become so woke, feminized, and unpalatable that I could never bring myself to bother to play and/or care about the world of Azeroth.

The wages of inclusion are death. When you try to please everyone, you please no one.

What disappointed me the most about Steve is that he started overtly promoting woke ideology in WoW’s lore. I was so utterly disgusted by what he did I dedicated an entire article to it.

Irish chatterbox Michael Bell from Bellular Gaming just created a video about Danuser’s departure. Most of the video is an incoherent rambling series of Red Shirt Guy nerdy musings about the incongruity of Dragonflight lore. Why anyone cares about WoW lore at this point is a mystery for the ages.

Insipid video aside, the comments from viewers are savage and illustrate the contempt the fans had for Danuser’s acts of lore malpractice.

Of course, the ever-timid milquetoast Michael Bell fails to consider that perhaps Danuser’s descent into woke pandering alienated many fans and caused a drop in revenues. As usual, Bell plays it safe and avoids any form of real-world controversy that would put his YouTube channel and relationship with Blizzard in jeopardy.

Here are some more YouTube videos about Danuser’s departure. Again don’t forget to savor the delicious comments:


Every week more news of another AAA studio imploding brings tears of joy to my eyes. Seeing justice meted out as worthless parasites are finally being exposed and fired is good for gamers and good for the soul. You betrayed your players, you went woke and now you are going broke. Good riddance.

Hearing news of yet another WoW veteran leaving the disgraced Irvine studio also makes me smile. I love being proven right after years of predicting Blizzard’s demise. A glass of cold sparkling Château Schadenfreude before bedtime is good for my health.

In the final analysis, I do not believe Steve Danuser understood the WoW franchise and the target audience: white male gamers. Danuser’s ego was just too big and sucked up all of the oxygen in the room. By all accounts, he got high on his own supply, and living in the woke Irvine bubble certainly didn’t help.

To be fair to Steve, Blizzard got far too carried away with spinning narratives and stories. Players ended up becoming actors in grand plots that would continue on with or without them. If you look back at the original EverQuest, the original MMORPG, and the first few expansions were far less focused on designer-imposed narratives and instead allowed players to have the agency to create their own stories. The initial sandbox nature of EQ allowed players to have their own memories. I believe Danuser got caught up in the hubris of Blizzard developers who thought they were budding J.R.R. Tolkiens and that the players should obey and take a backseat to their “epic” tales.

Steve let his industry status change him and it was not for the better. Steve started to grovel to social justice warriors on X formerly Twitter (which he has left because he and his fellow travelers have no interest in Elon Musk restoring free speech to Twitter). Like many weak-minded unprincipled people, he got swept up in the mass formation psychosis of the George Floyd and BLM riots. He was also a willing accomplice in Blizzard’s demonic embrace of the LGBTQ agenda. Danuser sold his soul for the fleeting approval of the world and now he’s gone and will most likely fade into obscurity.

I’m not sure what the future will bring for Steve. I don’t believe he’s man enough to apologize to the millions of fans for butchering WoW’s lore. I doubt he’ll ever apologize for pandering to the zealots in the alphabet community.

Maybe it was all an act of self-preservation to stay employed to pay the bills and the mortgage. Let’s hope so. How can anyone be so stupid to go along with madness and depravity? Now that he’s no longer at Blizzard, I urge Steve to go back to the mid-west (looks like he’s already back at home in Minnesota) and work on a farm for 6 months, do some soul-searching, and find God. He should get his hands dirty in some physical labor and reconnect with the real world outside the SoCal bubble. Even better, now Steve can remove his pronouns and PRIDE flags from his X and LinkedIn bios.

If Minnesota gets too cold, I have a suspicion that Danuser might end up at Darkpaw Games working for EverQuest. Given the fact that EQ is where Steve made his bones, he could apply for the creative director position for a possible new EverQuest product. At least he has a lot of institutional knowledge of the franchise and despite his failure to augment WoW’s lore, even I have to admit that he might be a good choice for the role as long as he doesn’t kill off Lady Vox or Lord Nagafen in the first week.

Or he could end up teaching game design or game narrative at a local college. Given the pitiful state of the video game industry, that might be the safest bet.


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