Shout Out to Griffin Games Who First Exposed Sweet Baby Inc. in November 2023

While doing research for the Sweet Baby Inc. scandal, I came upon a well-researched video by someone named Griffen Games. In November of 2023, long before Sweet Baby Inc. Detected group was formed on Steam, Griffen Games published a video titled: Sweet Baby Inc: Why Modern Gaming has Become Woke Political Garbage.

In the video, he explains that since he posted the first video some strange things have been happening. SBJ immediately sanitized their X feed, so there may be a treasure trove of screenshots from X and other interesting evidence within this video.

Here’s the video:

Here’s his next video on SBI released a few days ago:

This is not the first video he released on SBI. His previous video was “age-restricted” by YouTube. Age restriction is a sneaky way that YouTube can limit exposure and essentially shadowban content creators.

The new video was sanitized and edited so that it could be played on YouTube. Also, the author has his X account suspended which also suggests collusion between SBI, the video game industry, and big tech.

Please give Griffin Games a LIKE and a SUBSCRIBE on YouTube. He deserves it~

I decided to create an account on X this week as it seems free speech is back thanks to Elon Musk. You can find me @Wolfsheadonline.


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