Nintendo Capitulates to LGBTQ Activists/Developers and Removes Gender Designation from Animal Crossing

The intolerant LGBTQ bullies and their busybody allies are at it again. This time they have forced the venerable Japanese video game Nintendo to remove gender from the American version of their popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game which is primarily for children.

In an article entitled: Animal Crossing dev admits gender was removed due to LGBTQ pressure Sausageroll reports the following:

A developer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons revealed that original ‘male and female’ gender options were changed to ‘styles’ due to threats from LGBTQ activists.

Developers were harassed and called ‘transphobic’ when it was revealed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons would let you choose between a male or female villager. Decisions were made to change ‘genders’ to ‘style’ to better suit the western market.

Sadly, this insane push for a genderless Animal Crossing also came from activists within Nintendo America based in Seattle, WA as this quote from the article shows:

The pressure to change ‘sex’ to ‘style’ came from both people working for Nintendo America and LGBTQ activists on Twitter. Threats were allegedly made to the Japanese division if they did not adhere to the demands of the activists. “People were called bigots and ‘transphobic’ and other such nonsense, but the biggest concern was when we received threats of revealing our personal information. We have families and we didn’t want them to be harassed over this,” the insider said.

Extortion and blackmail are serious crimes but they gave in to them anyway. What loathsome and despicable cowards they are.

It’s one thing to get pressure and harassment from deranged slacktivists on social media, it’s another thing entirely to get this same treatment from your own staff. Nintendo America only has itself to blame for this fiasco as they have been openly promoting “diversity and inclusion” which are code words for the normalization of homosexuality, other forms of sexual deviancy and mental illnesses such as gender dysphoria.

Like most big tech and video game companies in the USA, Nintendo America has a creepy cult-like Orwellian section on their websites devoted to — you guessed it — diversity and inclusion.

When you start importing these beings into your company you are asking for trouble. Radical leftists and identity politics grifters are running amok in corporate America right now all thanks to spineless middle-aged, low testosterone CEOs who are eager to virtue signal to stay in the good books of a few hundred non-binary twisted activists on Twitter. These people are spreading the cancer of civilizational nihilism and will eventually destroy your company if you left them.

Perhaps these companies should be destroyed by their own stupidity.

As I have chronicled in the past, radical social engineering disguised as harmless equality and “diversity and inclusion” is rampant throughout the video game industry at companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Zenimax, Daybreak Games, Arenanet, EA, and others.

By pandering to the childish demands of radical LGBTQ activists, video game companies are now promoting cultural Marxist propaganda in their games with the hopes of manipulating the zeitgeist and moving the Overton Window. This blatant attempt at indoctrination is unacceptable. The only recourse the consumer has is to boycott these video game studios and instead support indie video game studios that are not obsessed with virtue-signaling and identity politics.

It’s high time for the useless industry bought and paid for shills at the toothless ESRB to start including warnings about political correctness, identity politics, and LGBTQ themes in video games. Don’t hold your breath.

At a time when video game devs make less pay doing similar work in other parts of the tech industry and when they are asked to work 16 hours a day and work on weekends during crunch, and the fact that video game studios have millions of dollars to waste on diversity and inclusion initiatives and over-paid diversity officers what’s happening at Nintendo is a scandal and a disgrace.