New Lower Price for Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition Available at Amazon

If you have been on the fence about trying Zenimax’s Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG because of the high price, now may be a great time to take advantage of a great sale going on right now at Amazon.

Previously, you had to pay the full price for the Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition which is $59.99 for the digital download. MMO fans rejoice as Amazon is currently selling it for $24.95 which is 30% off and a savings of $35.04!  That is an insane price and really if you are into fantasy MMOs you should really try out Elder Scrolls Online. At this bargain price it is a steal.

In a previous blog article I had many reservations about ESO. Thankfully at least some of my concerns have been addressed by Zenimax which has tempted me to take another look at this major release MMO.

ESO has now had a series of 4 major updates (or patches in World of Warcraft terminology) since the launch in April 4th of this year and more updates are just around the corner. Here’s a promo video from Zenimax showing the recent update 4:

Another reason I have decided to try out ESO is that many great addons have been released by 3rd party developers which address many of my concerns with the rather spartan user interface. These useful addons have made a big difference in the playability and enjoyment of this MMO.

My Purchase of Elder Scrolls Online from Amazon

I actually ordered Elder Scrolls Online myself this week from Amazon. As I had Amazon Prime, my shipping was free and my order arrived in just 2 days! The small parcel arrived via the US Postal Service. You get a DVD and 2 sheets of information with access codes. The first sheet contains your Game Registration code with a surface that you must rub off like a lottery ticket “scratch ticket” for security. You need to go to the Elder Scrolls Online site to set up an account there to enter the code.


You also get a bonus Explorer’s Pack Code that has the same scratch off mechanism. You enter this once you have entered your game registration code. This code gives you digital content such as: the ability to play any race in any alliance, a Scuttler vanity pet and bonus treasure maps!


If you were already in the ESO beta, there is no need to reinstall ESO; just fire up your beta version and make sure you let it auto update and you’ll be set. I hope to post my findings on the current state of ESO in a future article.