Mugshots of the ANTIFA Twitter Outrage Mob

Do you ever wonder what the people look like who are glued to their keyboards hidden away in the safety of their cat urine drenched basement caves calling people they disagree with Nazis, white supremacists, racists, and bigots?

I have a treat for you today. A while back author and activist Andy Ngo posted a picture of mugshots of people arrested for illegal acts of alleged violence in various Portland Oregon riots. Most if not all of them get immediately bailed out by a network of American communist lawyers who are being funded by billionaires like George Soros and other radical leftist foundations.

Andy is the world’s foremost expert on domestic terror groups like ANTIFA. He recently released an excellent book entitled Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.

When you take a look at these horrifying visages, it’s natural to weep for humanity. How did innocent babies grow up to be hideous monsters?

These freakish clowns make the Manson Family look like the Brady Bunch. Perhaps that’s why when they riot, loot, burn and destroy, they wear masks. It would be a grave error to dismiss these malcontents as a bunch of LARPing idiots. These violent lunatics are the crazed foot soldiers of the progressive left’s cult of wokeness freshly hatched by the Dr. Frankenstein tenured professors in the hallowed halls of academia. These misshapen misanthropic misfits are dangerous cultural terrorists at war with our nation, our civilization, even reality, and ultimately God himself.

Behold the children of the revolution — the ghoulish shock troops of Joe Biden’s modern Democratic party and the communist left in America. Brace yourself for a virtual mosh pit of the worst that Western civilization has to offer. I bet their parents are very proud of them:

Portland: Sheriff's office releases more mugshots of people arrested

Being a rebel without a cause is as old as humanity itself. When people are not held accountable and are wallowing in luxury and have too much time on their hands, they invent grand narratives to believe in to give their shallow lives meaning. ANTIFA members are the same; they see themselves as super heroes fighting the exaggerated evils of racism, fascism, white supremacy, and transphobia. Despite the fact that none of these things exist in any quantifiable measure, they manufacture them anyways via hoaxes and a constant stream of hyperbole and lies.

You would think that these social justice “warriors” are unemployable. They are far too scary to be panhandlers. These exemplars of humanity would fit right in as exhibits at a carnival freakshow. Perhaps, the only jobs they might be able to get are design jobs with woke studios like Blizzard Entertainment, Daybreak Games, or internships at Congress, the White House, Media Matters, the ACLU, the ADL, or the SPLC. Come to think of it, these miscreants would be perfect as extras in a future Mad Max or Silence of the Lambs film because they wouldn’t have to act and instead just play themselves.

But as WeTheGoverned website has revealed, many of them have infiltrated the teaching profession and are primary school teachers who love to riot, destroy and in their leisure time.

Demonic hooligans like these — most of them trans — are representative of the handful of perpetually outraged people on Twitter that are causing 90% of the divisiveness in our society because the supine cowards in corporate America are afraid of them and capitulate to their sinister idiocy. Most of them have multiple Twitter accounts too which makes them even more illegitimate. These deranged walking corpses are mentally disturbed members of an international cult of nihilistic anarchists and Marxists that exist only to cancel those who disagree with their lunacy.

If you look at the mugshots you soon realize that they are not very racially diverse. Being a member of the ANTIFA goon squad and engaging in rioting for recreation is something that only stupid white people do. Diversity for thee, but not for me.

Next time you see a black-hearted mischief maker on social media “outraged” about something that is “racist” or “transphobic” you now have an accurate image of the repulsive faces behind the keyboard.