It’s Time to Consider the Benedict Option for Orphaned Male Gamers

In 2017, a book entitled The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher rocked the Christian intellectual world. He argued that for Christianity to survive in this modern, depraved, pagan, anti-Christian world, Christians would have to create their own counterculture just as St. Benedict did in 500 A.D. when the Roman Empire was infiltrated by powerful Germanic tribes. By his courageous actions, St. Benedict saved Christendom and Western civilization.

Another terrific book about St. Benedict’s accomplishments was authored by E. Michael Jones called Benedict’s Rule: The Rise of Ethnicity and the Fall of Rome. Benedict of Nursia created a monastic order that created the soul of Europe and enriched it for over a thousand years and still does to this very day.

Know Thy Enemy: The Death Cult

A few months ago, Brian Niemeier, author and rising star in the counter-culture movement, published a great book called Don’t Give Money to People Who Hate You. He makes similar arguments as Dreher, but with a laser sharp focus on our sick and twisted entertainment culture. He has a name for this malevolent force that is transforming our culture: The Death Cult.

Due to the relentless assault by this brigade of identity politics interlopers, the current video game industry and the entertainment media complex is beyond salvaging. We need to create a parallel video game industry that once again focuses on the traditional audience of gamers: men.

We need to stop worrying about being “welcoming” to female gamers, LGBTQ people, minorities, gamer tourists, and “marginalized” people and start focusing games on the needs and wants of the straight male consumer.

Why does the video game industry have to be all things to all people?

It doesn’t.

This is the big lie that has laid waste to this industry.

The only reason this directive has become the dominant philosophy of target audience methodology, is that shareholders (who don’t give a damn about video games) want to see the maximum return on their investment. They don’t care that video game content will be dumbed down in order to achieve that. All they care about is money.

Stop Playing to Lose

For years I advocated that companies should be ideological neutral. The situation today is so dire that this is no longer an effective strategy to counter the scourge of identity politics activists that have destroyed the video game industry and forced males to consume content that they find uninteresting, banal, and/or repugnant.

The neo-Marxist left doesn’t play fair. They play to win. Conversely, conservatives and males don’t play to win. We roll over because we want to be liked. We want to be seen as nice guys. Well, brother, as you may have heard, nice guys finish last. We must fight fire with fire and adopt an offensive strategy. Our enemies are on the offense and we are continually on the defense. Enough is enough.

We must also be mindful of the wisdom O’Sullivan’s Law that states a sobering truth:

O’Sullivan’s Law states that any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time. The law is named after British journalist John O’Sullivan.

Any male-centric video game studio that is not specifically set up to be conservative will ultimately be infiltrated by moderates, then leftists. This happens every single time.

Not all males will be sympathetic to this cause. After all, it was traitorous males who allowed this to happen to our industry. Many of them started off as tough guy, hardcore gamers and now have become emasculated beta males who now parrot the neo-Marxist diversity/inclusion/representation agenda to keep their woke wives happy.

Expect to get fierce opposition from radical leftist white knighting male gamers, male journalists, and male developers. These weak, feminized, simping males are a cancer in this industry. They are the enemy within.

The “For Men Only” Video Game Counterculture

There are thousands of businesses that create products and services exclusively for women. There is nothing wrong with that and the law of the marketplace dictates whether those business survive, thrive or die.

Why can’t we have a niche market directly targeted to male gamers?

We can and we should.

We need to create video game studios that are owned and staffed by strong conservative men that believe in this mission statement. This has to be a sacred brotherhood, a knights of the round table organization. No women employees ever. This will be controversial, but we must face reality — there is no middle way folks. There can be no compromise.

Male employees in a counter-culture video game industry that makes video games only for men should do so with every employee swearing an oath to commit to the men creating games for men mission statement.

If those studios have to locate to Eastern Europe to escape governmental persecution and burdensome feminized American and European civil rights laws, where men are still allowed to be men, then so be it.

If women or minorities want to purchase and play these video games, they do so at their own risk and with no expectations. A confident and robust male-centric video game industry will not pander to women and minorities for this is the path to destruction. Again, see O’Sullivan’s Law.

If we really want great video games again, we’re going to have to accept the hard truth about what it will take to get there.

What Can We Do?

The days of big AAA studios are numbered. Indie games are the future. But we can’t become complacent and let other people create video games. We can start creating our own video games. We can start our own indie game studios.

Talk is cheap. It’s not enough to be a critic. I’m guilty as charged as I’ve spent years complaining about the state of the industry on this website. So, I’ve taken Brian Neimeier’s advice and started my own small indie studio.


Soulless corporations only interested in monetization, retention, and profits, now control the video game industry. Video game design has been replaced by the clinical tyranny of focus groups and metrics that are employed to create a product that is palatable to the widest possible demographic. All of this has created a situation where men are feeling orphaned by studios that once used to care about them.

When is the last time you heard a video game company talk about the importance of male gamers?

Not once have I ever heard a video game company talk like they actually care about male gamers. Instead they hector us with hollow platitudes about diversity, inclusion, and representation.

What other industry would dare to alienate its target audience and get away with it?

All we ever wanted was to enjoy playing our video games in peace. But that simple request was unacceptable to the meddling feminists and identity politics crusaders who want to destroy our past-time for sport.

Our beloved male-centric hobby has been under attack for the last 10 years both covertly and then overtly. The Battle of GamerGate was the first visible evidence of this war and every year since male gamers have had to put up with the relentless incursion of intolerable identity politics content in our video games.

If you think it’s bad now, just wait to see what’s left of the video game industry in a few years from now. It will be unrecognizable.

Whether we like or not, war is upon us.

We must be prepared for slings and arrows. We must not shy away from controversy. Those who disagree with these ideas for a new men only focused counter-culture video game industry will most certainly call us every name in the book: sexist, misogynistic, intolerant, racist, homophobic, bigoted, etc. Labels and epithets are their stock and trade. This is to be expected. Wear these insults as a badge of honor.

We men must reclaim our hobby. We need to carve out a virtual man cave video game niche of our own making. The only way to achieve this is for men to create a for men only genre that is ideologically driven to support the values, needs, and desires that are compatible with manhood.

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