The Fifteen Articles of the Gatekeeper’s Creed

In the past, the term “gatekeeper” had a negative connotation associated with it because it was often used to describe annoying people on internet discussion forums who act like self-appointed hall monitors trying to enforce the status quo by chastizing and marginalizing forum participants who disagree with them.

But, gatekeeping can be a good and noble thing. In recent years, many hobbies and pastimes have been infiltrated by social justice warriors and identity politics revolutionaries. These people are cultural insurrectionists who seek only to usurp and destroy existing cultures and replace them with their own. They are akin to African Killer bees destroying and displacing colonies of benign honey bees. Many hobbies were completely taken over and destroyed because they failed to protect their unique culture and appoint gatekeepers. As a result, the culture of the hobby was forever changed.

We Need Gatekeepers

If you really cherish something, you have to be able to stand up and fight for it. In the past, many men were only too happy to welcome women and minorities into their hobbies. These naive males had no idea that they were allowing a cultural Trojan Horse to infiltrate their space.

Today, every hobby is under direct assault by the forces of wokeness who have declared war on Western civilization, Christendom, and heterosexual caucasian males. These neo-Marxists are like an invasive species that comes in and decimates the indigenous species that are not equipped to fight them off.

We’re not in Kansas anymore. This is a culture war. The days of keeping your hobby’s front door unlocked are over. Either you are fighting for your culture and your hobby, or you are not. The forces of wokeness want to burn it all down. This is not a joke. They really do.

Our main adversaries are LGBTQ deviants and diversity/inclusion/equity cultists. They are systematically hijacking every aspect of our culture and replacing it with Marxist depravity. They are specifically targeting heterosexual, caucasian males with the intent of erasing them.

If you are on the sidelines about any of this, you are a useless, weak coward. Go to your favorite YouTube streamer channels, game websites, and bloggers and see if they fighting against wokeness.


If they are not picking up arms in this war and fighting to keep our hobby free from interlopers and infiltrators, then they are not your friends, they are a part of the problem.

The Gatekeeper’s Creed

Someone on the internet took the time to create a manifesto against cultural wokeness called “The Gatekeeper’s Creed.” I first found out about this while watching a YouTube video from a guy called Lack of Entertainment. I have created a primitive infographic facsimile for everyone to download and share. Click on the image, open a new tab and you can save the extra large version to your computer.

I have no idea who created this but I’d be happy to give him credit and buy him a beer. Well done sir!


The Fifteen Articles of the Gatekeepers Creed

Article I: No more characters designed with woke San Francisco sensibilities

Article II: No race swaps of any kind

Article III: No overt or covert anti-white male themes

Article IV: No breast reduction for existing iconic females or new female characters

Article V: No one-way diversity

Article VI: No censorship of dialog or costume

Article VII: No using localization to insert progressive politics and terminology

Article VIII: No lecturing, insulting, gaslighting, or guilting your customers

Article IX: No females made purposely fat or ugly

Article X: No LGBGQ magnification and subliminal grooming

Article XI: No hypocrisy of desexualized female characters while male characters are sexualized

Article XII: No using the “realism” argument to justify female desexualization

Article XIII: No biased video games journalism

Article XIV: No emasculation of male characters while female characters are strong, independent, and flawless Mary Sues

Article XV: No gender erasure via “body type” designations that replace sex

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